jordan Ossama

Helping young children get the care they need

As part of a project to improve the health of vulnerable young children in Jordan, Humanity & Inclusion teams seek out families with children with disabilities who are not receiving proper medical care. Children with disabilities and developmental delays are connected with medical centers and rehabilitation services.

The team recently heard about five-year-old Ossama. Since contracting meningitis at two, Ossama, has developed behavioral problems and a speech disorder. "Ossama is hyperactive and frequently gets himself into trouble,” says his mother.  “We have to keep the windows closed night and day. We’re constantly afraid he might hurt himself.”

Ossama was supposed to start school this year, but his hyperactivity and inability to communicate clearly has prevented that. “If his condition improves, I’d like to enroll him in school—especially for language skills,” says his mother. “However, right now, he can’t be left unattended."

HI connected Ossama and his family with a primary health center run by one of its partners. He will meet with the center’s specialists, who will make a detailed assessment of his condition and develop a treatment plan. The organization will cover the cost of the consultation and Ossama’s rehabilitation sessions.