"Meeting other amputees has given me hope"

Last year, Ahed lost his right leg due to complications with diabetes. Since then, Manal, a physical therapist with Humanity & Inclusion at the Zarqa Rehabilitation Center in Jordan has been providing him with vital support. Manal is teaching Ahed how to keep his balance and move around on crutches so that he can move more independently. She also teaches him how to do strengthening exercises at home. "I thought it would take me at least three years to walk again but it took me just four months," says Ahed.


Personalized rehabilitation care

Humanity & Inclusion’s rehabilitation team provides comprehensive support to beneficiaries through its partnership with the Zarqa Rehabilitation Center. For Ahed, our team provided him with occupational therapy, physical therapy, and psychological support. We also fit his leg with a new prosthetic.

Humanity & Inclusion prioritizes organizing rehabilitation programs in consultation with patients, starting with their motivations and goals. Because of this method, Ahed is already in a much better condition psychologically. The team describes him as a new man. "At first, I wasn’t at all motivated,” Ahed says. “I felt there was nothing that could be done. But everything has changed and today I know I can do anything. I could even run if I wanted to," adds Ahed.

Group therapy

Our team organizes group therapy sessions which give patients opportunities to meet each other, to witness each stage in the rehabilitation process, and to see the practical steps people take to achieve their goals. During his group therapy sessions, Ahed met other amputees and opened up about the distress his amputation was causing him. The group’s members encouraged him to continue with his rehabilitation sessions and visited him to help cheer him up and show their support.

Restoring self-confidence

"I wanted to be like everyone else, to socialize and get out of the house. But right after my amputation my health got worse and I had to start dialysis to keep my kidneys functioning. I was depressed. When I met other amputee patients, I felt much more motivated. I thought: if he can walk, why can't I?"

Thanks to his new prosthetic leg and the rehabilitation care he received from Humanity & Inclusion, Ahed has the independence and mobility to move around on his own.