Jordan Safaa

Through rehabilitation, Safaa, 2, learns to walk

Dedicated to improving the lives of young children with disabilities and developmental delays, Humanity & Inclusion teams go door to door in cities and towns in northern Jordan to find children who are not receiving adequate care and support.

Since July 2017, thanks in part to support from the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation, staff have identified more than 450 children with disabilities, like two-year-old Safaa, and connected them with rehabilitation centers and other services.

Before meeting Humanity & Inclusion, Safaa, who has cerebral palsy, was unable to walk. "I used to have to carry her everywhere,” Safaa’s mother says. “Today she can walk, and I feel much better now that her situation has improved.”

Safaa works with a physical therapist and speech therapist regularly. Through Humanity & Inclusion, Safaa’s mother met another mother whose children with cerebral palsy have been able to start school. This made her more hopeful about the future.

“I’d like Safaa to attend school, too,” she says. “The therapists say she’ll probably be able to go one day.”