"Working with children is my passion”

"Working with children is my passion,” says Sina, an occupational therapist at the Basma Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Irbid, Jordan. Since Humanity & Inclusion opened a pediatric unit at the center, Sina has been dedicated to working with children with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that affects movement and coordination and impacts as many as four out of every 1,000 children worldwide.

“My role is to help the children gain upper body strength and fine motor skills so they can perform tasks like feeding themselves,” says Sina. “The goal is for the child to develop a level of autonomy.”

In the last two years, numerous changes have been made at the center to improve patient care. "HI has encouraged occupational and physical therapists to work as a team,” says Sina. “For example, the physical therapists teach the children to walk, while occupational therapists like me help them to use their hands to play. The child has fun and the benefits are multiplied. It's good for us and for them.”

HI also provides the staff with onsite training. In the past, they had to travel to Jordan’s capital, Amman, in order to learn new skills. "We already had one training session about rehabilitation techniques for children with cerebral palsy and the next one will focus on the use of splints,” says Sina. “HI has provided us with all the materials and equipment required. The equipment is very expensive, but is a crucial part of our work and previously we had nothing like it. As we learn new techniques and master the equipment, we can offer our services to a broader group of patients. Being able to help people we couldn’t support before is additional source of motivation and makes me feel more confident.”