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Humanity & Inclusion in Kenya

Since 1992, Humanity & Inclusion has been working to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities in Kenya and advance their rights with special focus on refugee-related issues.

As of February 2020, according to UNHCR, Kenya is home to more than 421,000 refugees. This vulnerable population, especially those with disabilities, has enormous needs.

In early 2017, the conditions in arid regions of Kenya deteriorated significantly due to drought leading to heightened food insecurity, decreased health and nutrition status at a time when political instability has also increased. 

Within this context, the welfare of people with disabilities and vulnerable people are at a greater risk of neglect and reduced provision of services such as education and health.

Our Current Work

The country's instability, which was exacerbated by the elections in 2017, has made the situation of people with disabilities and vulnerable individuals more fragile. Humanity & Inclusion’s team of 64 staff in Kenya works diligently to:

Assisting Refugees

In Dadaab, one of the largest refugee camps in the world, Humanity & Inclusion provides rehabilitation care for the most vulnerable and ensures that people with disabilities can access humanitarian aid. 

Humanity & Inclusion provides training in rehabilitation at health centers and in the community. The organization also raises community awareness about the violence and its impact on people with disabilities by training committees of people with disabilities.

Protecting Vulnerable Populations

To fight against sexual violence against children, notably those with disabilities, Humanity & Inclusion runs a regional project titled “Ubuntu Care” in Kenya, Burundi, and Rwanda. 

The organization also raises awareness by informing children, families, organizations, and local authorities about the rights of children with disabilities and works to set up a social and legal system of protection.

Improving Maternal and Child Health 

Humanity & Inclusion works to improve the health of marginalized mothers, infants, and young children.

The organization supports local NGOs in implementing mother and child health services for vulnerable populations in Nairobi, particularly people with disabilities.  

Promoting Inclusive Political Participation 

Humanity & Inclusion works with political leaders to promote the participation of people with disabilities in political life. 

Our Past Work

Humanity & Inclusion has been in Kenya for 28 years, working to improve the lives of people and promote an inclusive culture for ALL people with disabilities and who are vulnerable. Over time, we have evolved our work to meet the dynamic needs of the communities where we serve.

Read on to learn more about our past work in Kenya and consider investing in our future.

HIV/AIDS Prevention

To promote HIV prevention in Nairobi, Kiambu and Machakos, Humanity & Inclusion trained educators to lead peer-to-peer awareness sessions among youth and at-risk populations such as people with disabilities and young mothers.

Improving the Lives of People with Diabetes 

To enhance the quality of life of people with diabetes and reduced the occurrence of disabling complications, Humanity & Inclusion developed and promoted regional expertise based on a network of local capacities in Kitale and Trans-Nzoia District. 

In addition, awareness campaigns provided the general population with information about the disease and how to prevent it.

Road Safety  

To help establish better enforcement of road regulations, Humanity & Inclusion worked with the police on the issue of road safety and trained local NGOs in how to use the media to promote safer roads.


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