Responding to Cyclone Enawo


The 2017 Cyclone Enawo emergency is no longer an emergency situation for Humanity & Inclusion (the new name of handicap international). donate.jpgCyclone Enawo has passed through Madagascar. As of March 6, authorities report severe damage from the cyclone and subsequent flooding, especially in Antahala, where they believe 80% of homes were destroyed as well as 100% of crops.

The national office of risk and disaster management count 10,000 people displaced from their homes, and 52,000 people affected. Our teams have been in Madagascar for 30-plus years (learn more about our work in Madagascar) and are trained in emergency response.

More updates coming soon...

Week of March 13

[Staff update] “We are coming to the end of our assessments but we already know that we are going to help rebuild 22 damaged schools in Analanjirofo and Diana,” explains Anne Burtin, the coordinator of Handicap International’s programs in Madagascar. “This will include repairing corrugated roofs and wooden-board walls. It’s important that children can return to school as quickly as possible.”

HI BLOG: Rebuilding 22 schools


Week of March 6

[Staff update] Starting in the capital, Antananarivo, our team is assessing the needs of those most affected, particularly the most vulnerable (people with disabilities, pregnant women, older people).

HI BLOG: 52,000 Affected


PRESS: AccuWeather Deadly Cyclone Enawo batters Madagascar with flooding, damaging winds

PRESS: ABC News – Cyclone Enawo kills at least 3 in Madagascar; 500 homeless

[Staff update] Our staff continue to seek safe shelter as this enormous storm churns over the island nation. More news is expected soon from Tananarive, the capital. The red alert announcing the arrival of Enawo was launched early this morning (Madagascar time).