Humanity & Inclusion’s impact one year after Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai struck Mozambique on March 14, 2019 killing more than 600 people, injuring more than 1,600, and leaving nearly two million in need of humanitarian assistance. 

Humanity & Inclusion’s donors stepped up, allowing Humanity & Inclusion to help survivors by reinforcing capacity and ensuring that hard-to-reach neighborhoods receive vital aid, distributing non-food items to the most vulnerable households, and providing psychosocial support to those who need it most. Read our update from the six-month mark.

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Here’s just a snapshot of some of the work our teams have been able to accomplish in the past year.  

Including preschoolers with disabilities

Humanity & Inclusion’s team supported the reconstruction of a community-based preschool in Mozambique and added-in an accessible play area. Our team also provided support to local organizations to ensure that the preschool is inclusive for children with disabilities. Children have a higher learning capacity in primary school when they are able to attend a preschool, so not only is this preschool providing that huge benefit, but it also ensures children with disabilities can learn and be independent as they grow, inside and outside the classroom.

Access to water for all

Zacarias (pictured below), 88, lost all of his belongings when Cyclone Idai struck his home in Mafarinha, Donda. He had to fetch water from an insecure well, one mile from his home. Humanity & Inclusion's teams are making it easier for people with disabilities, like Zacarias, who has difficulty seeing, to access water. We're providing more access points to water and inclusive sanitation spots in Beira, with support from the Provincial Board of Public Works and Housing of Sofala. Once all of the access points are complete, more than 600 families in Mozambique will benefit from inclusive sanitary facilities!

Inclusive employment for a single mother

Cyclone Idai destroyed Dona Lucia’s (pictured below) house where she and her five children lived. A Humanity & Inclusion team member meets with her regularly to provide livelihoods support. Dona Lucia was integrated into a productive social action program and through that project, she started her own business in sales. With support from a local neighborhood project and Humanity & Inclusion, she was able to rebuild her home! Humanity & Inclusion's teams are providing inclusive employment support to other individuals in Mozambique, like Dona Lucia, giving them dignity, independence, and a decent working wage. 

Humanity & Inclusion in Mozambique

Since 1986, our teams have been working in Mozambique. In addition to addressing the needs that emerged following Cyclone Idai, our team of 40 work diligently to ensure all children have access to education, support civil society to improve the social inclusion of people with disabilities, and more. Learn more about Humanity & Inclusion's work in Mozambique.