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A girl stacks objects during a rehabilitation session in Jordan

After surgery and rehabilitation, Gina walks without pain

Gina, 13, received surgery and rehabilitation treatment for a hip deformity. Today, she can walk without difficulty and is back at school.

Gina and her family fled Syria in 2014 to escape the war and seek refuge in Zarka, Jordan. Their journey was a difficult one, walking for hours along poor roads.

Once they arrived in Jordan, Gina's parents noticed that she was limping and in pain when she walked. After consultations, an orthopedic doctor diagnosed her with hip dysplasia.

“Going to school was very difficult, because my classroom is on the second floor and it was painful to climb the stairs,” Gina explains.

With Humanity & Inclusion’s support, Gina had successful hip surgery in November 2021. After the operation, she spent six weeks at home in a cast.

Gina received rehabilitation treatment three times a week at the Zarka Community Development Center, operated by Humanity & Inclusion's local partner. She also did exercises at home.

Her rehabilitation sessions involved strength and balance training and range of motion exercises. At first, she couldn’t walk on her own and used a walker for short trips and a wheelchair for longer ones.

As her caregiver, Gina's mother was given advice on how to assist her with her day-to-day activities at home.

Three months after starting her rehabilitation exercises, Gina was walking on her own again.

“The home exercises were very effective," Gina says. “Now I can walk on my own again and without pain.”

Gina is ambitious. She is learning Spanish and hopes to be fluent one day. She dreams of being a veterinarian so she can help animals.

“I like to stay at home with my family during the summer holidays,” Gina adds. “We all cook together and sometimes we go swimming. I love that.”

These activities are funded in part by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.