Humanity & Inclusion’s goal in Tunisia is to promote the social inclusion of the most vulnerable people and to improve their living conditions by advancing their rights and ensuring their needs are taken into account. The organization launched its operations in Tunisia in 1992 and currently employs 12 national staff. 


Despite a long period of political stability and economic progress in Tunisia, a persistent refusal to respond to criticism from human rights organizations regarding the freedom of association and expression, combined with widespread nepotism, led on to the fall of long-time President Ben Ali in 2011. The future role of civil society groups as representatives and operators in development efforts is now firmly on the agenda. However, the voices of the most marginalized populations, particularly people with disabilities, are still at risk of being ignored in the transition towards democracy.


Inclusive Education

Humanity & Inclusion works to improve children with disabilities' access to quality education in Tunisia. The project raises awareness among the parents of children with disabilities, local stakeholders, and the media of the right to education and trains teachers in inclusive practices and personalized social support methods.

Social and Economic Inclusion

Humanity & Inclusion promotes the quality of life, self-reliance, and social inclusion of people with disabilities. This project includes coordinating collaboration between disability operators and beneficiaries to develop personalized social support services, and strengthening participation of people with disabilities in local development and awareness efforts. Humanity & Inclusion also provides personalize support for disabled job seekers and helps companies integrate workers with disabilities. 

Disability Rights

Bolstering the capacity of local disabled people's organizations to advocate for inclusive public policies aimed at advancing the rights of people with disabilities is a major focus of Humanity & Inclusion's work in Tunisia. Working with organizations in the disability field, this partnership combines Humanity & Inclusion’s expertise in the field of rights and advocacy for people with disabilities and local partners’ specific skills in inclusive policy analysis. The direct involvement of people with disabilities is key to the success of this project which primarily hinges on developing effective advocacy and creating association networks.


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