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United Nations includes vulnerable people in revised COVID-19 response plan

On May 7, the United Nations presented its revised Global Humanitarian Response Plan for COVID-19. The number of countries covered by the plan has increased from 54 to 63 and the total financial requirements have risen to $6.7 billion. Anne Héry, Humanity & Inclusion’s director of advocacy and institutional relations explains:  

“We are glad the United Nations response plan gets to grips with the challenges raised by the pandemic and the unprecedented scale of its humanitarian impact. A global, coordinated, and massive response is required to tackle COVID-19.  

This latest version of the response plan takes into account the needs of vulnerable people, including people with disabilities. 80% of people with disabilities in the world live below the poverty line. They are particularly at risk from COVID-19. They are also the most negatively affected by the social and economic impact of the lockdown and social distancing measures implemented in their countries. People with disabilities and vulnerable individuals must not be side-lined in the pandemic response.

We expect governments to put their weight fully behind this action plan and to do their utmost to implement it in the field, while ensuring the most vulnerable people are provided with specific assistance.”