Stop Bombing Civilians

Please help people with disabilities and vulnerable individuals in Yemen today.

Map of Conflict in Yemen

A humanitarian crisis

20.7 million

people – 66% of the population – need humanitarian assistance

13.5 million

people are food insecure

15 million

people have difficulty accessing clean water

4 million

people are displaced from their homes

The social and economic collapse of Yemen



Yemen is dependent on imports, importing 90% of basic food products, which are no longer available. These imports are seriously disrupted by the fighting and the blockade imposed in 2017 by the international coalition led by Saudi Arabia.



What goods do make it to market are unaffordable due to rampant inflation. The price of food, for example, doubled between 2015 and 2019 and continued to rise through 2020, according to the United Nations. Covid-19 led to a drop in remittances, a lifeline for many families living below the poverty line.



Most salaries are no longer being paid. Teachers, medical staff, administrative staff, and others, no longer have the means to support themselves. Most of them refuse to work voluntarily, which causes services to collapse. Fighting and destruction of public infrastructure mean that 50% of health facilities can no longer function.

Bombing civilians is not war, it's a crime! Join our fight against the bombing of civilians by signing our global petition.