A Year of Transforming Lives in the Philippines

A Year of Transforming Lives in the Philippines

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Exactly a year ago in the Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms in recorded history, devastated the country, killing and injuring thousands and impacting the lives of millions more.

Yet, even as the eye of the typhoon passed over the country, long before officials tallied the scale of the destruction—our donors leapt into action and began making donations to support the emergency efforts they knew Handicap International would launch. 

This past year, because of our dedicated donors, Handicap International has accomplished so much in the Philippines. Our teams ensured that 6,000 vulnerable people received the healthcare and rehabilitation services they needed. 

Today we’re helping Filipinos with disabilities regain their independence. Together, we're constructing or repairing accessible homes for people like Roland, (pictured above). His home was destroyed by the typhoon, but Handicap International supplied his family with the equipment and funds needed to rebuild. Despite not having legs, Roland put the new roof on the home himself!

To learn more about how we’re continuing to help the most vulnerable storm victims, read out one-year situation report.

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Photo: (c) Till Mayer/Handicap International