People-in-Beirut-wear-face-masks-while-walking-past-damaged-cars-following-the-August-4-explosion-which-hit-Lebanon%E2%80%99s-capital -injuring-4 000-and-killing-more-than-100

Providing support to Beirut Explosion Survivors

Explosions rocked Beirut, Lebanon's capital, on August 4. The blasts injured more than 5,000 people, and claimed at least 220 lives. Damages to buildings and infrastructure left 300,000 people homeless.

Humanity & Inclusion teams have worked in Lebanon since 1992, most recently in aid of Syrian refugees, especially those with disabilities, serious, conflict-related injuries, chronic illnesses, and the effects of aging.

Our 100-person team in Lebanon, including physical therapists, psycho-social, and livelihood experts, are leading this critical response. Post-surgical physical therapy, in particular, will be a vital component of our actions.

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