There's nothing casual about a casualty of war.

Raise your voice for humanity and inclusion. 

Humanity & Inclusion rehabilitates thousands of people around the world—innocent people who never signed up to go to war but explosive weapons have altered their lives forever.

These are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons. They all deserve futures that are not defined by their conflict-inflicted disabilities, scars, and traumas. This is where you come in.

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How Xiemna Rebuilt her Life and Built a Business

Xiemna will never be free from trauma, but we’ve helped her rehabilitate and start a new chapter.

After losing her sons to a grenade thrown through their bedroom window, Xiemna will never be free from trauma, but Humanity & Inclusion has helped her and her husband recover, rehabilitate, and start a new chapter as the owners of a successful homemade yogurt business.

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How Nasar Bounced Back and Got Back to Being a Kid

Humanity & Inclusion made sure that the loss of Nasar’s leg didn’t mean the loss of his childhood.

That one day Nasar walked outside to ride his bike changed his life forever. After losing his leg to a landmine explosion in his own village, HI’s rehabilitation experts helped Nasar regain strength in his body and mind. Now, he can enjoy life, participate in school, and be a kid again.

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How Beltran Honors the Loved Ones He Lost to a Landmine

Beltran is raising his voice so landmine accidents don’t ravage other innocent families.

A seemingly normal car ride scarred Beltran forever, both physically and emotionally. He lost his father, uncle, and godfather that day when they pulled over to answer a phone call and the cell phone’s frequency triggered a landmine explosion. HI has stood by Beltran’s side through multiple operations and helped him gain the strength to live independently.

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