COVID-19 in Rwanda

Leaving no one behind, including students with disabilities

Humanity & Inclusion’s teams are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in Rwanda by distributing awareness-raising messages, handing out masks and food, providing online therapy sessions, and adapting online educational courses for students, particularly for those with disabilities.

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Prevention and awareness

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on people living in Rwanda, where Humanity & Inclusion has worked since 1994.

Our teams have adapted activities where we operate, including refugee camps in the eastern province of Nyabiheke. We’re distributing awareness-raising messages on the risks of the virus and its transmission among refugees. In addition, we’re sharing information about how to protect oneself by washing hands, staying at home, and refraining from touching the face. Our teams are also distributing water basins, soap, and other hygiene items.  

Distribution of food

Humanity & Inclusion is distributing bags of flour to parents of children with disabilities in the Mahama refugee camp in Eastern Province to help prevent malnutrition. We also handed out food and protective masks to more than 330 families of people with epilepsy in Rubavu district.

Online therapy sessions

Our teams of psychologists have been conducting online counseling sessions which help provide psychological support to the many individuals who are affected by the lockdown.

Inclusive education at home

Schools in Rwanda have been closed since March 16, and will not reopen until September. Humanity & Inclusion’s inclusive education team is helping to promote access to school for children with disabilities by having school lessons broadcast on television, complete with sign language interpreters. We’re also supplying printed learning aids in Braille and in large print, so that students with visual disabilities can access materials. In addition, we developed lessons that are adapted to the needs of students with intellectual disabilities. These lessons are then broadcast on the radio and television.

Humanity & Inclusion works to protect the most vulnerable 

As COVID-19 takes aim at our planet's most vulnerable neighbors, we're ensuring that people with disabilities, people with injuries from conflict, children, women, and especially older people have the information--and even the soap--to stay healthy. Learn more about our COVID-19 response.

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