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Kasai in DR Congo: “There’s such poverty. People are utterly destitute.” 10/23/17

Kasai in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been plagued by a crisis for over a year. More than two million people have been affected and the situation is getting worse by the day. Bakary Traoré coordinates HI’s actions in the field. Here he explains the situation in the region, his work and what people’s lives are like.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Rohingya crisis two months on: refugees living in appalling conditions 10/23/17

More than 600,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since 25th August from neighboring Myanmar. HI has implemented a series of emergency actions to support Rohingya refugees who, having escaped, now live in utter destitution. Over the last two months, the organization has already supplied humanitarian assistance to around 20,000 of the most vulnerable people.

  • Bangladesh

Mosul: “Most civilians still need humanitarian assistance” 10/17/17

One year ago, on October 17th 2016, armed forces launched a military offensive to retake the city of Mosul, in Iraq. More than one million civilians were displaced by the fighting, which lasted nine months, and over 18,000 people were injured. Below is an update on one of the region’s biggest humanitarian crises. 

  • Iraq

Bangladesh crisis: Handicap International steps up its emergency assistance 10/16/17

More than 500,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since the end of August from neighboring Myanmar. Handicap International is stepping up its humanitarian aid effort in response to this crisis, which is unprecedented in the region. Since 25th August, the organization has already supplied humanitarian assistance to 15,000 people.

  • Bangladesh

The Rohingya crisis is a major crisis 10/10/17

What is a major humanitarian crisis? Vanessa Cardamone, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Handicap International, was in Bangladesh in mid-September to help the organization's teams in the country respond to this new crisis. She explains the specificities of the Rohingya crisis.

  • Bangladesh

Advancing the rights of people with mental health conditions 10/09/17

Handicap International and the French Development Agency (AFD) is holding a two-day workshop on mental health for funding bodies, mental health professionals and service users at AFD’s head office in Paris from 11th to 12th October. Some 50 people are expected to attend. Aude Bausson, coordinator of HI's mental health program in West Africa, explains what the workshop hopes to achieve. 

  • Togo
  • Kenya

Blog: Everywhere the bombing followed us 10/05/17

Aleema Shivji, Executive Director of Handicap International UK, blogs about a new report showing the hidden impact of explosive weapons on civilian life.

  • United Kingdom
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria

Logistics plan to improve access to humanitarian aid for Rohingya refugees 10/05/17

Handicap International’s logistics platform coordinator, Emmanuel Pajot, will arrive in Bangladesh this week to tackle the transport problems currently hampering the distribution of humanitarian assistance in the district of Cox’s Bazaar, on the border with Myanmar. He hopes to provide humanitarian organizations with logistical solutions to improve the support to 500,000 refugees present in the region.

  • Bangladesh

New report shows hidden impact of bombing on civilians 10/05/17

"Everywhere the bombing followed us", a new report by Handicap International, shows the harm caused by the use of explosive weapons in populated areas, in terms of  the loss of livelihood, the disruption of civilian infrastructure, and the long-term impact on mental health.

  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria

Hurricane season: Haitians at risk 10/02/17

4th October, 2017, marks one year since Hurricane Matthew ravaged southern Haiti. 140mph winds and severe flooding caused 603 deaths and the widespread loss of homes, livestock and infrastructure. Handicap International is helping Haitians to cope with the 2017 hurricane season.

  • Haiti

Thousands displaced by worsening conflict in the Philippines 09/28/17

Handicap International is increasingly concerned for the welfare of tens of thousands of displaced people in the southern Philippines. Since armed conflict broke out in Marawi city, Mindanao, on 23rd May 2017, at least 360,000 people have been forced to leave their homes. Many are now living in precarious conditions.

  • Philippines

Inclusion campaigner Yetnebersh Nigussie receives 2017 ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’ 09/26/17

Yetnebersh Nigussie has dedicated her life to promoting the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities. She has been awarded the prestigious Right Livelihood Award, widely referred to as the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’, for her determination to ensure that people with disabilities are never left behind. 

  • Ethiopia

Ending the bombing of civilians: The political process 09/20/17

Anne Héry, Humanity & Inclusion's Head of Advocacy, sheds light on the organization’s efforts to end the use of explosive weapons in populated areas and its choice of political process to achieve this aim.

  • International

Bombing populated areas: devastating impact on infrastructure 09/20/17

The bombing of populated areas has become a familiar feature of present-day conflicts. Not only does it kill and maim civilians, it also destroys vital public infrastructure such as bridges, ports, and hospitals. Anne Héry, head of advocacy at Humanity & Inclusion, explains how the use of explosive weapons in populated areas impacts civilian life.

  • International

Bangladesh: Handicap International steps up efforts in aid of Rohingya 09/15/17

Some 400,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh from neighboring Myanmar since the end of August 2017. Handicap International is responding to this emergency by supplying aid to families with acute needs.

  • Bangladesh


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