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Fleeing violence in Syria: 8 years as a refugee in a wheelchair 03/03/20

25- year-old Osama was living in a nice house with his family in the south of Syria until 2012, when his neighborhood was bombed. His 13-year old little brother died and the family had to flee. A missile fragment entered his 12th vertebra, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

  • Jordan

After fleeing Syria, Amer was victim of a car accident 03/02/20

Amer, 38, is a worker and lives with his wife, their child and his parents in Baqaa Camp, Jordan. After fleeing the war in Syria, he found a job in maintenance and started to rebuild his life. But then, a terrible accident in 2019 left him with two fractured legs.

  • Jordan

HI in North Kivu: Emergency rehabilitation care for more than 1,600 conflict-affected people 02/28/20

For the last two years, HI's physical therapists and psychologists have been traveling to highly insecure areas of North Kivu in DRC to assist more than 1,600 conflict-affected people. In Rutshuru (population 69,000), HI was the only NGO providing emergency rehabilitation care.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Diabetic Abdel gets his strength back after amputation 02/28/20

After losing his foot to diabetes, Abdel is slowly recovering his strength thanks to support from Humanity & Inclusion's teams.

  • Jordan

Jacquie: a widow with seven children, victim of the conflict in North Kivu 02/27/20

Jacquie, 32, the mother of seven children, shares her story and the story of her daughter who lost her leg in clashes between rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo (North Kivu).


  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Fatehia walks again thanks to HI’s teams 02/27/20

Eight-year-old Fatehia was seriously injured in a bombing raid on her village in northern Yemen. She now receives medical and psychological support from HI.

  • Yemen

Ameen: "Now I can walk, I want to go back to university" 02/27/20

Ameen, 19, was the victim of an explosion in Hodeidah, Yemen. He was injured in his right leg, just above the knee. Humanity & Inclusion supplied him with a prosthesis and helped him walk again.

  • Yemen

Heba learns to walk with a prosthesis 02/25/20

Heba is a 13-year-old girl. Her home in Sa'dah, Yemen, was struck by an airstrike last year. She suffered a serious leg wound and her leg had to be amputated.

  • Yemen

“I feel at ease with HI’s psychologist, Olivier” 02/24/20

Following an attack on his home, Heritier, 23 years old, is receiving rehabilitation sessions and psychosocial support from HI's teams.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

South Sudan: HI’s emergency mobile teams assist displaced people 02/18/20

HI has deployed emergency mobile teams to provide rehabilitation and psychosocial support to vulnerable displaced people in conflict-affected areas of South Sudan.

  • South Sudan

Protecting civilians from explosive weapons in populated areas 02/11/20

Last Monday in Geneva, more than 70 States met for the second round of negotiations for a political declaration against the use of explosive weapons in urban areas. HI was there to remind them of the urgency of protecting civilians.        

  • International

Laos: two cluster munition survivors tell their stories 02/05/20

Thirty years apart, two inhabitants of the same village in Laos were injured by submunitions. They tell us about their experiences.

  • Laos

HI outraged by Trump administration's decision to use landmines 01/31/20

The Trump administration has announced a deadly shift in its landmine policy, putting civilian lives in danger.

  • International

Eruption of Taal Volcano in the Philippines: HI’s teams assess the needs of disaster-affected people 01/24/20

HI is assessing needs of Taal Volcano victims in the Philippines and plans to launch an emergency response.

  • Philippines

Clearance in Laos: Our demining teams are not giving up! 01/22/20

 In Laos, Humanity & Inclusion continues its actions to eliminate the threat that explosive remnants of war still pose to the country's population today, and reduce the humanitarian and socio-economic risk.

  • Laos


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