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Complex injuries from explosive weapons in Ukraine 06/14/22

Humanity & Inclusion emergency rehabilitation specialist, Gaëlle Smith, explains the severity of blast injuries in Eastern Ukraine and the importance of early rehabilitation for recovery.

  • Ukraine

“I'm happy to be able to stand up” 06/14/22

Rashid fled Congo with his family in 2018. He has a disability and now lives in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, where Humanity & Inclusion has been supporting him.

  • Kenya

Supporting growth in malnourished children: Pal’s story 06/08/22

Malnutrition prevented Pal from developing like other children his age. With Humanity & Inclusion's nutrition support and stimulation therapy, he can now sit, stand and walk on his own.

  • Ethiopia

“I had never been to school” 06/03/22

In the Lake Province of Chad, insecurity has prevented thousands of children from attending school. Humanity & Inclusion works to improve their access to education, protection and psychosocial support.

  • Chad

Staff spotlight: Anna’s change of plans 06/02/22

28-year old Anna Bekh went home to visit family in Ukraine. When conflict arose two days later, she joined HI’s emergency response in her hometown.

  • Ukraine

Learning facilitators improve inclusive education for students with disabilities 06/01/22

Nisha Rai and Reshma Shrestha agree that love and patience are essential in understanding and supporting the learning needs of children with disabilities. The two women work as learning facilitators for the USAID-funded Reading for All program in Nepal.

  • Nepal

HI ensures delivery of aid to conflict zones 06/01/22

HI distributes supply donations to conflict-affected families and provides logistics support to deliver humanitarian goods in active war zones.

  • Ukraine

Developing local agriculture to help stave off the food crisis 05/31/22

In Kasaï-Central, Humanity & Inclusion is running agroecology projects to help communities cope with the threat of a food crisis.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Yemen: “People with disabilities are afraid to go outside.” 05/24/22

Life of people with disabilities in Yemen is desperate. Difficulties fleeing violence, accessing aid... Advocacy Advisor  for Humanity & Inclusion,Yasmine Daelman explains the situation.

  • Yemen

Ukraine: conflict preparedness and protection initiatives 05/19/22

Humanity & Inclusion will work with communities in Ukraine to help them adopt conflict preparedness behaviors before, during and after armed attacks.

  • Ukraine

Explosive ordnance threatens returning Ukrainians 05/19/22

Some persons displaced by the war in Ukraine are beginning to return home, to cities contaminated by explosive ordnance. Humanity & Inclusion will prepare communities to identify hazards and adopt safe behaviors.

  • Ukraine

OpenTeleRehab : improving access to rehabilitation services 05/18/22

OpenTeleRehab was launched in Vietnam in early 2022: the software’s initial pilot phase is now over, and more than 100 professionals have been trained.

  • Vietnam

Rostyk is providing physical therapy to people in Ukraine 05/17/22

Rostyk, a physical therapy assistant with Humanity & Inclusion, is working to improve rehabilitation care in Ukraine.

  • Ukraine

HI is supporting a mental health hotline in Ukraine 05/17/22

With rising mental health and psychosocial support needs, the volunteer hotline allows affected populations in Ukraine to access services any time, from anywhere.

  • Ukraine

Expanding inclusive sexual, reproductive health care 05/12/22

Zekia Musa Ahmed shares insight into her role as the WISH-HI Project Inclusion Assistant in South Sudan.

  • South Sudan


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