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After a life-changing work accident, Tok advocates for disability inclusion 08/12/22

Tok, 27, lost his leg in a work accident. Over the last two years, Humanity & Inclusion has provided him with an artificial limb and rehabilitation care in Laos.

  • Laos

HI supports Kabita in her dream job 08/11/22

21-year-old Kabita lives in Banke, a district in Western Nepal. When she was a student, she had a road accident that resulted in a physical disability. Today, Kabita is a successful rickshaw driver.

  • Nepal

Ahmad lost his job after his injury. HI helped him start his own business 08/10/22

After being injured in the Syrian crisis, Ahmad could no longer work as a manufacturing tailor. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) provided him with the training and resources to build a successful business from home.

  • Jordan

Pedro, upholsterer and leatherworker in Santiago de Cuba 08/09/22

In Santiago de Cuba, Humanity & Inclusion supports the economic inclusion of people with disabilities. Pedro, who has an hearing disability, has received a donation of equipment to develop his upholstery business.

  • Cuba

“Today, thanks to HI, I can follow my dreams” 08/09/22

Fabián, 19, is an entrepreneur. He is benefiting from the livelihoods project run by Humanity & Inclusion in Santiago de Cuba.

  • Cuba

Ukraine: HI delivers aid to the "last mile” 08/08/22

Humanity & Inclusion logistics experts in Ukraine support ‘Save the Children’ to deliver essential humanitarian goods to the bombarded city of Bakhmut.

  • Ukraine

Avotavy regains her confidence 08/05/22

Avotavy used to spend all day alone because of her disability. With rehabilitation from Humanity & Inclusion, she has improved her mobility and gained the confidence to make friends.

  • Madagascar

"I go wherever I am needed for emergencies" 08/04/22

Virginie Duclos, 32, is an emergency rehabilitation project manager. She shares with us her daily work life.

  • International

Community event recognizes importance of early treatment for clubfoot 08/03/22

June 3 is World Clubfoot Day, commemorating the birthday of Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, who developed the widely used method for treating clubfoot in young children.

  • Sri Lanka

HI helps Jawad develop new skills 08/03/22

5-year-old Jawad has difficulty communicating and learning new skills. Humanity & Inclusion is helping him overcome these challenges with learning-based home visits.

  • Jordan

“In Kakuma, HI promotes autonomy for all” 08/02/22

In Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, Racheal works each day alongside people with disabilities to help remove the barriers to accessibility and inclusion.

  • Kenya

Tok lost his leg after an accident at work 08/01/22

Tok, 27, lives in the Huameuang district of Laos and wears a prosthesis provided by HI.

  • Laos

Nuan: "People with disabilities don’t want to be a burden” 08/01/22

Nuan is 34 years old. She was born with polio in her left leg. HI has provided her with funds to raise livestock.

  • Laos

7.0-magnitude earthquake hits Philippines. HI teams assess the situation 07/29/22

After a Wednesday morning earthquake struck the Luzon region of the Philippines, Humanity & Inclusion reacted immediately to assess community needs.

  • Philippines

Chue Por, injured by a landmine at the age of 18 07/29/22

Chue Por lost his arm in a landmine explosion. With the support of HI, he is regaining his mobility.

  • Laos


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