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Humanity & Inclusion is one of the leading organizations working on disability worldwide. We publish a range of reports, factsheets, and briefings on topics related to our work. These include disability, emergencies, explosive weapons, physical rehabilitation, health, inclusion and rights.

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A selection of our most recent reports are available below, displayed in order by their date of publication. Please use the filter tools to refine your search.

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Learning from a disability-inclusive sexual reproductive health and rights program (WISH2ACTION) 07/01/21

A compendium of lessons learned and best practices from across nine key themes related to disability inclusion and SRHR from the WISH2ACTION Program
Download (pdf, 8.04 MB)

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SOP | Standard Operating Procedure on Disability Inclusive Family Planning and Sexual Reproductive Health Services 06/01/21

Developed by: Clinical Contraception Services Delivery Program; Directorate General of Family Planning; Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOHFW) Drafted by: Shirin Akhter, Consultant; DGFP and Chairman, Women with Disabilities; Development Foundation (WDDF) Supported by: United Nations Population Fund Reviewed by: Technical Working Group on disability inclusive; SOP & Humanity & Inclusion (HI) 
Download (PDF, 3.15 MB)

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Inclusion Counts: Disability Data Tracker (2020) 12/22/20

This guideline is intended to be a tool for Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) and their allies on how to advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities within the global development framework known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The thematic focus of this guideline is work and employment. The guideline will explore how the right to work and employment of persons with disabilities can be applied to the SDGs.
Download (pdf, 1.86 MB)

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Death Sentence to Civilians: The Long-Term Impact of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas in Yemen (June 2020) 12/22/20

In five years of war, Yemen has experienced every manner of explosive weapons—aerial bombs and missiles, artillery, mortars, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and much more. The explosions destroy bridges, ports, roads, hospitals, water systems, and generate long lasting civilian harm. The Humanity & Inclusion report highlights six case studies, showing the extent and impact of such bombings.
Download (pdf, 5.22 MB)

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A Persistent Danger: Unexploded Ordnance in Populated Areas (February 2020) 12/22/20

Whenever a weapon is fired, dropped, launched, or projected, there is always a chance it will not explode and become an unexploded ordnance (UXO). This chance (known as the "failure rate") is highest when a munition's fuse fails due to age, design flaws, or human error during the fusing procedure. This report pulls data and experience from humanitarian demining groups including Humanity & Inclusion, MAG, and Norwegian People's Aid, and supports the drafting of a political declaration on explosive weapons in populated areas.
Download (pdf, 214.99 KB)

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Disability Inclusive Sexual and Reproductive Health (2020) 12/22/20

Humanity & Inclusion promotes Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of people with disabilities and vulnerable populations in development and fragile settings.
Download (pdf, 576.82 KB)

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A principled and inclusive response to COVID-19, focused on the most vulnerable 10/09/20

As of now, the response to the COVID-19 crisis has been mainly national. High income countries facing the health crisis on their territory have so far limited consideration for the global impact, especially the impact of the crisis on developing countries with limited resources and fragile health systems.
Download (pdf, 269.09 KB)

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Guidance Note #2: Inclusive Governance and the “aftermath” of the Covid-19 pandemic 06/25/20

While the first guidance note by the inclusive governance unit focuses primarily on the moment of the outbreak and emergency responses, this note anticipates to examine conditions of governance after the outbreak and how HI interventions could look like to further mitigate or event prevent negative effects of the outbreak. It is already clear that the long-term socio-economic impacts will affect persons with disabilities disproportionately, so proactivity is necessary as from now. It aims to enable global reflection while respecting that situations differ according to the national context of an HI country of intervention
Download (pdf, 316.35 KB)

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COVID-19 in humanitarian contexts: no excuses to leave persons with disabilities behind! 06/18/20

Download (pdf, 2.57 MB)

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Death Sentence to Civilians: The Long-Term Impact of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas in Yemen 05/12/20

Download (pdf, 5.22 MB)


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