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Haiti Earthquake: Latest Updates

The earthquake that hit Haiti on August 14 has caused more than 12,000 injuries and counting, creating a surge of people in need of urgent wound care and rehabilitation services. Humanity & Inclusion is partnering with Fondation Tous Ensemble (FONTEN), a local organization that operates the only rehabilitation center in the Cayes, Haiti.

August 21

Humanity & Inclusion sent four members of its global, emergency response pool to Haiti, landing in Port Au Prince on August 19. They joined the program staff, present in Haiti since 2008, who have been hard at work preparing HI’s response since the quake hit. The team includes an emergency area manager, a rehabilitation / mental health and psychosocial support specialist, a logistics technician, and a communications officer.

Deliver emergency aid to Haiti

August 20

Marjorie is a rehabilitation specialist for Humanity & Inclusion. She took time on August 19, to share what conditions are like in Grand Sud, Haiti.

Deliver emergency aid to Haiti

August 19

According to the latest reports, at least 2,000 people have died, nearly 12,000 are injured and the damages are significant. Frédely Jean, inclusion project manager* for Humanity & Inclusion in Haiti, felt the earth shake on Saturday, Aug. 14. He tells us more about what life is like in Haiti following the recent disaster: 

On Saturday morning, I was playing with my 10-year-old daughter when my wife, who had felt the earthquake, came running in. All three of us ran out, taking our two-month-old daughter with us, and we sat on wasteland, away from the buildings. And actually, the tremors began to build, and in the distance, we saw the houses were swaying.

August 18

After the impact of Saturday’s earthquake followed by Tropical Storm Grace, Humanity & Inclusion is planning its first assessments in the most isolated regions.

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred off the coast of Haiti on Aug. 14 has resulted in at least 2,000 deaths, and nearly 10,000 injuries. 

In preparation for emergency reinforcements arriving Wednesday afternoon, Humanity & Inclusion staff already present in Haiti plan to perform assessments in affected areas as soon as possible. Teams are traveling to the South and Grand’Anse regions to evaluate ports, make contact with local authorities and collect information regarding hospital needs.

Deliver emergency aid to Haiti

August 17

Humanity & Inclusion provides the only maritime transport for humanitarian aid in the southwest of Haiti.

In response to the earthquake, Humanity & Inclusion plans to organize shipment pooling for NGOs and send approximately 760 tons of food, as well as medical supplies and essential non-food items by the end of August.

August 17

Humanity & Inclusion’s Haitian team is preparing an emergency response following Saturday’s 7.2 magnitude earthquake. The most affected regions remain blocked, keeping thousands of people from receiving vital aid.

Ongoing evaluations of the situation show death tolls on a steady rise as official reports estimate more than 1,400 deaths so far, with those numbers expected to grow. Nearly 7,000 people were injured in the disaster, more than 5,400 homes were damaged and 2,870 were completely destroyed, leaving thousands displaced and without shelter. The humanitarian impact is devastating and people in the South, Grand’Anse and Nippes regions of Haiti need emergency support.

Humanity & Inclusion teams have been assessing the situation, planning emergency response and have identified three areas of priority:

  • medical support (including care for the wounded and emergency rehabilitation)
  • logistics support
  • essential needs (food, shelter, sanitation and hygiene)

August 16

According to the latest reports, at least 1,300 people have died, more than 5,700 are injured and the damages are significant. Sibille Buehlmann, rehabilitation specialist for Humanity & Inclusion, felt the earth shake on Saturday, Aug. 14. She took time on Sunday to share her experience from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Here's what she said: 

A population traumatized

The earthquake was felt throughout the country. Immediately after, everyone went out into the street, outside the buildings, to protect themselves from possible collapses. This is the safety protocol here in case of an earthquake. 

The cell phone networks were saturated. Everyone was checking on their relatives. At Humanity & Inclusion, we immediately checked on the situation of each team member. Everyone was safe. 

There were aftershocks during the day and late into the night. It's exhausting. For many, in addition to the deaths and injuries, the earthquake reawakens the trauma of 2010, when a terrible earthquake killed over 200,000 people. I have friends in the north of the country who slept outside at night for fear of the tremors.

Deliver emergency aid to Haiti

August 15

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Update from HI Program Director: 

"Access is a major concern at this point for our team and Atlas logistics. The departmental road #7, which connects the Grand Anse to the South has been completely blocked by landslides following the earthquake. Any roadway movement between the two departments is essentially impossible until it's been cleared, delaying important aid to the most affected areas." - Agathe Lo Presti, Humanity & Inclusion Program Director, Haiti

August 14

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Image: People search the rubble of a destroyed hotel after the August 14, 2021, earthquake in Haiti. Copyright: Stanley Louis/AFP