Humanity & Inclusion ranked #12 out of 500 NGOs

c_Dieter-Telemans_Handicap-International_Burundi.jpgThe Swiss non-profit Global Geneva has ranked Handicap International No. 12 in their January 22, 2015, listing of the world’s top 500 non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Handicap International rose one spot from its No. 13 position in the last ranking, which was then published by The Global Journal.

Global Geneva's ranking studied 2,000 NGOs, and built a top-500 listing, a departure from the previous top-100 list. The organization also imposed a tougher selection criteria, studying things such as the impact of an NGO’s actions, the diversity of its interventions, its innovation and its sustainability.

The Top 12 NGOs

  1. Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders)*
  2. Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC)*
  3. Danish Refugee Council
  4. Grameen Bank
  5. Acumen Fund
  6. Oxfam
  7. Partners in Health*
  8. Islamic Relief
  9. Save the Children
  10. World Vision
  11. Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES)
  12. Handicap International*

The full report is available for purchase online at

*Fellow Hilton Humanitarian Prize laureates