Iraq: A New Wheelchair Ends the Isolation of a Little Girl

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Four-year-old Sindis and her family were violently uprooted from their home in Iraq in August and sought refuge in a displaced persons’ camp in Iraqi Kurdistan. Life in the camp has been difficult for the whole family, but especially for Sindis, who is paralyzed from the waist down due to spina bifida.

“What Sindis enjoys the most is being surrounded by children and playing with them,” said Friad, her mother. However, with no wheelchair, Sindis rarely left the confines of her family’s small tent and was isolated from the community.

A few weeks ago, a Handicap International mobile rehabilitation team found the family, and took measure of their acute needs. Not long after, they returned with a brand new, custom-fit wheelchair for Sindis.

"Sindis is delighted with her new wheelchair,” said Friad. “Now she can sit out in front of the tent with the other children. She loves playing with the neighbors. Her brother and father also push her wheelchair around the camp which is something she really enjoys.”

Sindis’ parents want her to go to school, but she is still too young to attend the camp school. However, a nursery school for younger children may open in the coming months. “If the school opens, there is no reason why she could not attend now that she has a wheelchair,” says Shahla Shamdina, a Handicap International social worker. “She could continue to learn and become a fully-fledged member of the community."