Expanding care for injured Syrian refugees

Thanks to a two-year partnership with Humanity & Inclusion, the Basma Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Irbid, Jordan, has been able to greatly expand its services and reach more patients, including Syrian refugees with disabling injuries like amputations and spinal cord damage. It is the largest hospital in the north of the country, just a few kilometers from the Syrian border, but previously lacked the capacity and resources to help certain patients. Before this partnership, many refugees had no alternative but to travel to Jordan’s capital, Amman, for specialized treatment.

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Humanity & Inclusion helped the center open two new units: a pediatrics unit and one for artificial limbs and braces. The organization has also trained staff members in new rehabilitation techniques so they can treat patients with a wider variety of disabling conditions.

"Our prescriptions are now more accurate and it really makes a difference for our patients,” says Mohammad, a physical therapist who specializes in back problems. “For example, we can help certain patients regain their strength in just a few weeks, whereas previously, this would have taken much longer, and the problem would not necessarily be resolved.”

Humanity & Inclusion covers the cost of rehabilitation for the most vulnerable patients, especially Syrian refugees. "Before we worked with HI, we had very few Syrian patients,” says Mohammad. “They do not have any medical coverage in Jordan. But thanks to this project, we have been treating many more of them.”