Firas: The Gift of a New Leg and so Much More

In April 2012, a bomb fell on the home of Firas and his family in Syria. Severely injured, Firas was immediately taken to Lebanon to receive the medical care he required.

"My son spent six months in hospital,” said Firas’ father. “He lost part of his right leg due to embedded shrapnel and he also suffered injuries to his left foot. When he came back to live with us, he refused to leave the house for two months because the other children laughed at him due to his leg.”

Luckily, Firas was found by Handicap International staff who were determined to help him walk. The organization provided him with a walking frame and physical therapy so that he could work toward taking his first steps. When he built up enough strength, staff fitted him with a prosthetic leg. His Handicap International physical therapist, Cynthia, continues to work with him to increase his muscle strength and improve his balance.

Today, Firas loves riding bicycles. In his spare time, he also likes to repair broken bikes. He has even built a little trailer so he can take his little brother with him when he rides around his neighborhood. 

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