HI Tawarga

Locals return home after weapons clearance

Since the Libyan revolution of 2011, Tawergha, Libya has been a virtual ghost town. The streets are still strewn with explosive remnants of war—rockets, missiles, grenades, and ammunition—that pose risks to civilians. The inhabitants fled the city years ago and have been unable to return home.

However, a Humanity & Inclusion weapons clearance team has been scouring the city since early November and is systematically destroying or neutralizing explosives. As the weapons have been removed, families are beginning to return to Tawergha.


About one hundred families have moved back and others have returned to check on their property and are contemplating their next move. The start of the clearance operations has given people hope that Tawergha can be home again.

Humanity & Inclusion has set up a free hotline for local people to report the presence of suspicious devices.  In its first week on the job, the clearance team removed some 40 explosive devices thanks to reports from locals. 

To help protect people from explosives they may encounter as they return home, risk education staff have been going door to door to warn residents about the dangers of explosive remnants of war.