Two white-washed beach-front buildings with thatched roofs see their bases eroded from the waves produced by Cyclone Batsirai. A group of people lean against one of the buildings

Madagascar Cyclone Updates

Humanity & Inclusion responded to Cyclone Batsirai and its devastating impacts on the communities we serve. Below are key updates from the team there:

July 05

After consecutive cyclones devastated Madagascar early this year, communities were left with nothing. For months, Humanity & Inclusion has been providing essentials to people in need.

February 24

The immediate impact of Cyclone Emnati is still uncertain, but the long-term consequences will be significant. Humanity & Inclusion is supporting affected families recovering from back-to-back cyclones.

February 21

Madagascar prepares for another intense tropical cyclone, Emnati, to make landfall Tuesday. Humanity & Inclusion is working alongside targeted communities in their preparations and recovery.

February 18

Experiencing one of its worst cyclone seasons in years, Madagascar prepares for a new storm: Emnati, while still recovering from the devastation of Batsirai. Humanity & Inclusion doubles-down on response efforts before it makes landfall.

February 16

While Humanity & Inclusion plans supply distributions to families who have lost everything in Cyclone Batsirai, the north of the island is experiencing Tropical Storm Dumako.

February 14

Needs assessments across cyclone-affected regions of Madagascar reveal extensive damage. Humanity & Inclusion plans supply distributions to families who have lost everything.

February 09

More than 70,000 people were affected by Cyclone Batsirai in Madagascar. Josephine shared her experience with Humanity & Inclusion’s teams, which are conducting assessments in impacted communities.  

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February 07

From February 5-6, Cyclone Batsirai tore across Madagascar, devastating communities along the way. In the aftermath, Humanity & Inclusion has assessed the damage and needs of people facing the most vulnerability after the crisis. Initial reports are showing overwhelming damage to infrastructures and communities.

February 06

"We feel safe, and that’s the most important thing,” Serge Felix says. Serge is blind, and like other Malagasy with disabilities has the right to safe and accessible shelter from storms like Cyclone Batsirai. Humanity & Inclusion teams work with Malagasy partners to ensure people with disabilities, as well as older people and those living in extremely vulnerable circumstances, can ride out the storm safely and with any support needed.