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Restoring infrastructure following Typhoon Mangkhut

Please help Filipinos with disabilities and vulnerable individuals today!

Super Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall in the Philippines on Sept. 14., killing 60 people and affecting nearly one million others. Emergency specialists with Humanity & Inclusion are distributing community clean-up kits, so that roads, public spaces, and infrastructure can be restored. More than 400 workers will be hired to assist.

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The latest key data from OCHA (9/18)

[Sept. 20] Our emergency specialists travel to the Cordillera region with other humanitarian organizations to meet with victims and help identify their needs.

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[Sept. 19] Emergency specialists with HI arrive in the Kalinga province of the Philippines to identify the needs of the victims.

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Pierre-Louis Bercion, HI's basic needs coordinator in the Philippines

“There are a lot of uprooted trees and damaged houses, but the farms have taken the biggest hit: a lot of rice and maize plantations have been destroyed, just a month before harvest time. For people in rural areas, who live mainly off the land, it’s a disaster.”

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[Sept. 15] Emergency specialists with Humanity & Inclusion will fly out from Europe to help bolster HI's existing teams.

Reiza Dejito, director of Humanity & Inclusion's office in the Philippines

“Landslides triggered by violent winds and torrential rain have already killed three people. The damage is more extensive than expected. There is likely to be an increase in the number of casualties, once the wind has abated and rescue teams have a clearer picture of the situation. My team will assess the damage and supply emergency assistance to the most vulnerable."

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