New Limbs for Survivors of Sri Lanka's Civil War


During the 26-year-long Sri Lankan Civil War, an estimated 100,000 people were killed and countless more were injured. Many people with severe injuries to their arms or legs had their damaged limbs amputated. Present in Sri Lanka since 2004, Handicap International has helped more than 3,000 injured people to get prosthetic limbs and orthotic devices to help them walk with ease.

Because many people with amputations live in isolated rural areas far from major hospitals, Handicap International uses mobile rehabilitation teams which include mobile prostheses workshops. The teams help people like Aravindan, 15, from Kulamurippu village, who had his left leg amputated after being injured by shellfire in 2009.

Aravindan used a rudimentary prosthesis leg for years, and found it difficult to get follow-care because he lived far away from nearest general hospital. Recently, a Handicap International mobile team found him and made him a new prosthesis. He now also receives regular physical therapy.

This project is possible with generous funding from USAID.

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