A group of Black men wearing masks watch as a man conducts a training on proper hand-washing and sanitation techniques in Uganda

Navigating the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

As the pandemic continues, Humanity & Inclusion is working alongside communities to meet their needs and promote prevention and public health measures.

In Uganda, Humanity & Inclusion is part of a joint project implemented by seven non-government organizations in the Impavi, Omugo and Ofua settlements. The project to contain Covid-19 has already reached 60,000 people.

Health conditions are improving in Uganda, which recorded a steep drop in Covid-19 cases following a lockdown between June and July and an ongoing curfew. However, the vaccination rate remains low. Only 9% of people have had two doses of the vaccine.

Promoting public health measures

Working alongside health staff and communities, Humanity & Inclusion is helping counter the direct and indirect impact of Covid-19 by:

  • Promoting inclusive communication of public health messages, such as translating information into sign language
  • Producing six Covid-19 awareness radio segments
  • Helping 200 health facilities, organizations run by and for people with disabilities, and local communities identify and support particularly at-risk populations, including aging and sick people
  • Implementing hygiene training
  • Evaluating staffing and equipment needs in five health centers

Ensuring equal access to essential services

Humanity & Inclusion is making it easier for people to access humanitarian aid and employment to curb the economic effects of the pandemic. Its actions include:

  • Providing cash grants for people to access essential services such as food, medicine and housing
  • Helping people access temporary work so they can receive food aid and to promote economic growth
  • Supplying 200 telephones to enable electronic fund transfers in areas with stable cell service
  • Training communities to prevent violence and abuse by establishing a free helpline, suggestions box and report desk
  • Forming and training community boards to record and address reports of violence and abuse

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