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Mamadou Bah is a paid intern at BICIS bank in Senegal
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We became Humanity & Inclusion on 1/24/2018

People with disabilities often have a difficult time finding salaried employment. Workplaces are usually poorly adapted to working with people with disabilities and oftentimes they are not properly accessible. However, the biggest obstacle facing people with disabilities in the workplace is prejudice. Many employers are convinced that people with disabilities lack proper skills and are unable to positively contribute to the company.

Since 1992, Handicap International has removed barriers for people with disabilities, so they can access decent work. We currently have 37 inclusive livelihoods projects across 30 countries. 

We are working with job seekers to:

  • Identify talented individuals with disabilities
  • Provide access to adapted vocational training
  • Train candidates in job searching and soft skills
  • Mentor successful candidates
  • Monitor workplace success

We are supporting employers to:

  • Access inclusive practices in the workplace
  • Offer guidance on workplace adaptation
  • Mentor staff about disability and the benefits of inclusion
  • Match employers to suitable candidates
  • Develop and implement inclusive diversity policies

Handicap International has been helping people with disabilities find work in the Dakar region of Senegal since 2014. We rely on a local network of more than 90 employers and a dozen organizations working in the field of employment and training to help partner businesses adapt their facilities to be more accessible to people with disabilities. They also raise awareness of employees to ensure employees that have disabilities are included in the workplace. Lastly, it monitors the new employee to ensure that they are satisfied in their new job.

The Zena Exotic Fruits processing plant near the port of Dakar–which employs over a hundred people–has already hired four people with hearing impairments who are monitored by Handicap International. Other people with disabilities are currently applying for work, and all of the plant’s employees have been given information on working with people with disabilities. The management team is also working to make its new premises accessible to people with disabilities. 

Handicap International recently released a white paper based on the results of a qualitative study of our inclusive livelihoods programs in 10 developing countries. The paper's goal is to increase wage employment of people with disabilities by providing employers with the best practices showcasing successful wage employment facilitated by Handicap International and partner businesses, enterprises, and organizations. View the report here.