Responding to Flooding in Algerian Refugee Camps

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We became Humanity & Inclusion on 1/24/2018

Last month, refugee camps in Algeria in Layoun, Aussert, Smara, Boujdour, and Dahkla were hit by devastating floods after a week of torrential rain. Extensive damage has left refugees from Western Sahara, dangerously exposed. Handicap International launched an operation to assist the most vulnerable individuals.

Although no casualties were reported, 57,000 people were left homeless after their dwellings, which were mad of mud, crumbled. Camp infrastructures were severely damaged. Many hospitals, clinics, schools, and administrative buildings were destroyed and others are on the brink of collapsing.

In response, Handicap International teams in the field assessed the scale of the damage and the needs of those affected. The organization will set up temporary reception facilities where children can take shelter and play. It also plans to distribute hygiene kits, sheets, flashlights, kitchen utensils, and other items and will help rebuild destroyed buildings.