People drive past a washed up boat and collapsed buildings in Palu on October 1st 2018 after an earthquake and tsunami hit the area on September 28th
Indonesia Emergency

Urgent needs following tsunami and earthquake

A powerful earthquake struck Indonesia’s island of Sulawesi, triggering a violent tsunami measuring nearly 20 feet. The official death toll has passed 1,400, with more than 2,500 injured. Many hospitals have been damaged and more than 65,000 people are displaced. Humanity & Inclusion’s support team of experts is on the ground, coordinating our emergency response with local organizations.

As the situation begins to stabilize and access to the worst affected areas becomes possible, the number of victims continues to rise. “We have sent a sizeable team of emergency experts from HI to help," says Fanny Mraz, director of HI's emergency teams.

“When patients arrive in hospitals, in large numbers, our priority is to provide immediate rehabilitation care in order to prevent irreversible damage, including a permanent disability. We will also ensure that patients have psychological support, because this type of situation can be traumatizing.

"We are not working alone. Two of our local partner organizations are traveling to the Palu region to assess the needs there. In order to provide the best possible assistance to as many victims as possible, it is important to work with local medical teams who are already present in hospitals.”

Humanity & Inclusion in Indonesia

HI has worked in Indonesia since 2005, regularly providing support to victims of natural disasters. Our team organizes disaster prevention workshops, and workshops to improve community resilience. Learn more about our work in Indonesia.


Photo caption (top of page): People drive past a washed up boat and collapsed buildings in Palu on October 1, 2018, after an earthquake and tsunami hit the area.