VIDEO - Ebola Warriors: Fighting the Deadly Virus in Sierra Leone

After a burst of news coverage late last year, the Ebola outbreak faded from headlines in the U.S. Meanwhile, in West Africa, thousands of Ebola workers continued to put their lives at risk every day to contain the epidemic and prevent others from getting sick. In Sierra Leone, Humanity & Inclusion’s team of 250 “Ebola Warriors” worked to transport Ebola patients from their homes to treatment centers, and to disinfect contaminated homes. In doing their jobs, the Ebola Warriors faced great hardship, including very sick patients, hostile crowds, and stifling temperatures. Outside of work, most Ebola workers also faced serious stigma. Other people believed they might carry the disease.

Despite this, the Ebola Warriors went to work every day because they knew that if they didn’t fight to stop the disease, there might not be others to take their place. Thanks in part to their efforts, the Ebola outbreak was declared over in Sierra Leone on November 7. Today, they are still at work in case the disease reemerges as it has in other countries.

Mike Denny, the American nurse who led Humanity & Inclusion’s Ebola Warriors, said: “I want the world and my fellow Americans to know what these people have done for them. Please don’t forget them.”

Help recognize the Ebola Warriors by writing them a message of gratitude, which we will deliver to them in Sierra Leone.

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