Learning skills for employment

In Bolivia, our teams are helping people with disabilities find decent work and gain the skills needed to enter the workplace. Here are some of the beneficiaries who have benefitted from Humanity & Inclusion's socio-economic development project!

More on our work in Bolivia.

A man in a wheelchair pushes a wooden crate down a path in Bolivia.

Rubén Ignacio has been trained in the production of shoes. He thinks that the training he had provides a way to find shoes in his size since there are currently none on the market. 

A woman in a wheelchair works with yarn in Bolivia

Cecilia, 42, is an example of strength and courage. By taking part in the economic development project, Cecilia learned to have more self-confidence and better interactions with others, which was difficult before. 

A man with a disability is operating a sewing machine in Bolivia

Deymar is 21 years old and has a physical disability. He participated to the couture training which has given him more independence. 

A male student is giving a personalized arm stint to a woman with a disability in Bolivia

An agreement between the Mayor San Andrès University and Handicap International in Bolivia allowed Juan Carlos Zarate Cusi, a student in occupational therapy, to create 3 personalized splints and rests palms to improve the motor and physical performance of people with disabilities. 

A woman with a disability is using measuring tape to measure the length of a piece of wood in Bolivia

Laura participates in the technical training in woodwork, remembering the toys that her grandmother made for her.

A man with a disability smiles into the camera as he participates in a bakery training program in Bolivia

Amilcar, a man with a disability, took part in the bakery and pastry training as part of Handicap International's economic development project. 

A woman operates a booth selling ground cereal in Bolivia

Elba is the mother of a young girl with cerebral paralysis. Elba owns her own business which produces and sells ground cereals. The training project has given Elba more skills to run her business which has a positive impact on her family.

 A man with a disability is being shown how to use a machine to knit by a woman in Bolivia

Richard, was trained in machine-knitting as part of the project activities. He feels that his life has completely changed!