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Kay Reh injured by an explosive device as he worked in a field in Thailand 09/02/20

Since 2012, Humanity & Inclusion has provided some 13,000 people living in nine refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border with information on the risks from explosive devices.


  • Thailand

Beirut: Nada, injured in the explosions, received support from HI's teams 09/01/20

Many of Beirut’s inhabitants were seriously injured when explosions ripped through the city’s port on 4th August. Nada Baghdadi, 27, suffered a severely broken leg.

  • Lebanon

Lebanon: HI’s teams are assisting people injured in the explosion 08/27/20

Humanity & Inclusion’s teams are conducting rehabilitation sessions and providing psychosocial support to people impacted by the explosion that ripped through Beirut on 4 August.


  • Lebanon

HI provides 500 people with psychological "first aid" in Beirut 08/26/20

The explosion in Beirut on 4th August traumatized an entire population. Over the last fortnight, Humanity & Inclusion’s teams have provided emergency psychological assistance to some 500 people.

  • Lebanon

COVID-19 response: HI is supporting schools in Madagascar 08/18/20

Humanity & Inclusion's team in Madagascar has trained 60 schools on Covid-19 prevention measures.


  • Madagascar

COVID-19: HI continues to provide support to children with disabilities in Dadaab refugee camp 08/14/20

Families of children with disabilities in Dadaab refugee camp are particularly vulnerable to the Covid-19 crisis. They can no longer afford to buy the food they need to survive.


  • Kenya

Zeina, head of an HI emergency team in Beirut, describes the scale of the disaster 08/13/20

Zeina is coordinating a team for Humanity & Inclusion of 25 emergency responders in Beirut. The situation is worse than she imagined possible – here’s her account:

  • Lebanon

Covid-19: HI assists people with disabilities in Kakuma refugee camp 08/13/20

People with disabilities living in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19. Humanity & Inclusion is raising awareness on preventive measures so they can protect themselves from the disease and continue working.

  • Kenya

HI shocked by vast rehabilitation needs in Beirut 08/06/20

The two huge explosions that devastated Beirut on Tuesday have caused a range of injuries including burns, fractures and amputations, as well as thousands of major and minor injuries caused by shattered glass. HI estimates that approximately 500 people are likely to need physical rehabilitation to aid their recovery.

  • Lebanon

Victims of explosion in Beirut will need HI’s help 08/05/20

Scenes of devastation following a huge explosion in Beirut leave no doubt as to the immediate and urgent needs of the more than 4,000 people injured. Humanity & Inclusion’s expert team already based in the country is ready to help those in need.

  • Lebanon

Covid-19: HI provides financial support to the most vulnerable families in Madagascar 08/03/20

Humanity & Inclusion's teams and its partners are working to help the worst affected families of children with disabilities survive the crisis in Madagascar. They are providing cash transfers to vulnerable families during the health emergency.


  • Madagascar

Covid-19: HI strives to protect vulnerable people by continuing its work in Thailand 07/30/20

Nipaporn Deang-Ro, one of Humanity & Inclusion’s physical therapists, provides rehabilitation care in refugee camps in Thailand. He explains how the organization has adapted to the pandemic.

  • Thailand

Covid-19: HI resumes rehabilitation activities in Cambodia 07/29/20

Humanity & Inclusion has resumed its activities in Cambodia, which include Covid-19 awareness-raising, rehabilitation care, and inclusive employment.

  • Cambodia

Mrs. Dhahabo, a refugee with disabilities, won't let the virus beat her 07/08/20

In Kenya, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is raising awareness with the most vulnerable, including people with disabilities like Ms. Dhahobo, on how to protect themselves from COVID-19.

  • Kenya

Nepal: rehabilitation services maintained during the epidemic 07/08/20

Nepal has not escaped the Covid-19 epidemic. As it is vital not to disrupt the care process, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) has continued to provide rehabilitation care to people who need it, in accordance with strict hygiene measures.

  • Nepal


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