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British speech therapist helps establish new unit in Vietnam 02/07/19

Humanity & Inclusion is improving rehabilitation departments in hospitals for people with brain lesions in Vietnam. The organization is currently helping set up the hospital's new speech therapy unit.


  • Vietnam

Hope for a new mother following a traumatic brain injury 02/07/19

Humanity & Inclusion helps hospitals in Vietnam to establish and improve rehabilitation units in order to enhance care for patients with brain lesions.

  • Vietnam

Identifying children for school enrolment 02/06/19

Mohammed is a community volunteer. Every day, he rides his motorbike through local neighborhoods of Timbuktu, Mali, in search of children with disabilities who do not attend school. 

  • Mali

Indonesia: rehabilitation care for 800 casualties 02/06/19

Four months after Indonesia was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami, HI continues to assist victims of the disaster.

  • Indonesia (inactive)

Testing mine detection drones in Chad 02/04/19

In Faya-Largeau (North Chad), HI has begun testing drones to detect mines and build up a detailed picture of what’s on the ground - a revolution in mine clearance practice. HI’s project manager Xavier Depreytere explains more.

  • Chad

"The self-help group has given me hope again" 01/31/19

Abdel Kareem, 5, has cerebral palsy. Thanks to Humanity & Inclusion's partnership with the Mousawat rehabilitation center in Lebanon, a mental health project was integrated into the rehabilitation process.

  • Lebanon

Rehabilitation and mental health in Lebanon 01/31/19

Since June 2017, psychosocial support and rehabilitation go hand in hand for children with disabilities in Lebanon thanks to Humanity & Inclusions’s partnership with the Mousawat rehabilitation center in the Beqaa Valley. 

  • Lebanon

"Physical Therapy is the most important thing for my children" 01/31/19

Bayan, originally from Aleppo, Syria, has cerebral palsy. Thanks to Humanity & Inclusion, she is receiving rehabilitation care for first the time in her life.  

  • Lebanon

Caught in an horrific bombing, Nora is supported by HI teams in Yemen 01/17/19

Nora was seriously injured by a missile that fell outside the entrance to Al-Thawra Hospital in Al-Hudaydah, Yemen, as she arrived by bus with friends. She is being supported by Humanity & Inclusion's teams.

  • Yemen

Half a ton of weapons and bombs destroyed in Tawergha, Libya 01/16/19

Since November 2018, Humanity & Inclusion's six weapons specialists have removed 150 explosive devices from the streets of Tawergha, a city south of Misrata, Libya. Team leader Simon Elmont tells us more about the organization’s work.

  • Libya (inactive)

Safaa, 2, starts to walk thanks to rehabilitation care 01/11/19

In Jordan, Humanity & Inclusion has helped 450 children with disabilities or developmental delay since July 2017. The parents of two-year-old Safaa, who has cerebral palsy, are among those who have benefited from its expertise.

  • Jordan

HI teams supporting child development in Jordan 01/10/19

HI's mobile teams in Jordan identify children with disabilities and refer them to medical centers where they can access the services they need.

  • Jordan

Haiti Earthquake: 9 years on, HI continues to ensure access to rehabilitation services for the most vulnerable 01/09/19

Since the huge earthquake hit Haiti on 12th January 2010, Humanity & Inclusion has continued to work alongside the victims and provide assistance, in particular high quality rehabilitation services.

  • Haiti

"The mine threw me up into the air and ripped my leg off" 12/18/18

Raja, from Yemen, is 13 years old. She was looking after the sheep in the mountains when she trod on a mine which exploded and threw her into the air.  Her leg was ripped off.

  • Yemen

Latin America says Stop Bombing Civilians 12/07/18

The Regional Conference on Protecting Civilians from the Use of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas organized by HI, in Santiago, Chile, ended on 6 December. 23 States adopted the Santiago Communiqué expressing concern over the devastating impact on civilians of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. Well done HI Advocacy team!

  • International


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