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Ending the bombing of civilians 11/13/18

HI will attend the Paris Peace Forum from 11 to 13 November to advance its campaign against the bombing of populated areas. We talked to Baptiste Chapuis, HI’s Disarmament Advocacy Officer, about what the organization aims to achieve at this international meeting.

  • International

Yemen: The world’s worst humanitarian crisis 11/09/18

The conflict in Yemen and the blockade imposed in November 2017 by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition are having a devastating impact on the population. Humanity & Inclusion works in eight health centers and hospitals in Sanaa, the capital, where it provides rehabilitation care and psychological support, and distributes mobility aids. Maud Bellon, the director of HI's programs in Yemen, describes the situation.

  • Yemen

Philippines: 5 years after Typhoon Haiyan 11/07/18

On 8th November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, affecting more than 15 million people. 5 years later, Humanity & Inclusion is still supporting Haiyan victims.

  • Philippines

Humanity & Inclusion highlights violence against women with disabilities 10/18/18

To coincide with the 71st session of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), Humanity & Inclusion is calling attention to the fact that women with disabilities around the world are almost ten times more likely to experience sexual violence. 

  • International

Philippines: HI provides clearance kits to people affected by typhoon 10/18/18

With financial help from Humanity & Inclusion, more than 1,500 people helped clear roads blocked by debris from Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines.

  • Philippines

Neymar Jr supports the Teacher Kids campaign 10/18/18

Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr. is supporting Humanity & Inclusion's Teacher Kids campaign to draw public attention to the need to make schools accessible to children with disabilities.

  • International

Blog: The UK needs to protect civilians from explosive weapons 10/10/18

Aleema Shivji, Executive Director of Humanity & Inclusion UK, argues that more needs to be done to stop the bombing of civilians.

  • United Kingdom
  • International

Indonesia tsunami: many victims still out of reach 10/09/18

The impact of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Indonesia continues to be felt. Liquefaction (the process of loose soil acting like a liquid during an earthquake) has engulfed entire villages, leaving more than 10,000 people injured and 800 missing.

  • Indonesia (inactive)

Indonesia tsunami: "More than 190,000 people need assistance" 10/04/18

A powerful earthquake followed by a tsunami struck the center of the Indonesian region of Sulawesi on 28th September, killing more than 1,400 people and injuring more than 2,500. Humanity & Inclusion, which has sent a support team of experts to Indonesia, is coordinating its response with local organizations.

  • Indonesia (inactive)

Indonesia: Coming to the aid of tsunami victims 10/02/18

A tsunami struck the center of the Indonesian region of Sulawesi a few days ago, killing more than 1,200 people. As HI’s teams prepare to help its victims, Pauline Falipou, one of HI’s emergency physical therapists, who provided assistance in the wake of the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, explains the rehabilitation needs of people in this type of emergency.

  • Indonesia (inactive)

Indonesia: supporting tsunami victims 10/01/18

Following the tsunami that struck the center of the Sulawesi region of Indonesia a few days ago, killing more than 800 people, HI is mobilizing its teams to identify the needs of victims. With the support of local partners, the organization will carry out an assessment in Sulawesi.

  • Indonesia (inactive)

One year on, almost one million Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh 09/26/18

Since August 2017, more than 700,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar for Cox's Bazaar in Bangladesh, where Humanity & Inclusion is providing assistance to more than 30,000 people.

  • Bangladesh

Philippines: HI distributes clearance kits to typhoon-affected population 09/26/18

Typhoon Mangkhut, which struck the Philippines on the night of 14th September, affected more than one million people. As part of its relief effort, HI is helping people affected by the storm clear debris from roads.

  • Philippines

Help protect civilians: Humanity & Inclusion appeals to 4,500 politicians 09/21/18

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is calling on 4,500 politicians to demand an end to the bombing of populated areas, an almost systematic practice in present-day conflicts. 

  • International

1 in 5 Syrian refugees has a disability, new survey reveals 09/19/18

A new study by HI and iMMAP shows that much more can be done to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities in humanitarian responses.

  • United Kingdom
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon


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