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Humanity & Inclusion is one of the leading organizations working on disability worldwide. We publish a range of reports, factsheets, and briefings on topics related to our work. These include disability, emergencies, explosive weapons, physical rehabilitation, health, inclusion and rights.

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A selection of our most recent reports are available below, displayed in order by their date of publication. Please use the filter tools to refine your search.

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The provision of wheeled mobility and positioning devices (2013) 01/01/13

This policy paper describes Humanity & Inclusion's mandate as applied to the provision of wheeled mobility and positioning devices.
Download (pdf, 646.79 KB)

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The provision of wheeled mobility and positioning devices: Integrating wheelchair provision into rehabilitation systems: Focus on emergency contexts (2013)  01/01/13

This policy brief provides an introduction to integrating wheeled mobility and positioning device provision into rehabilitation work – with a focus on emergency contexts. Brief can be viewed here, with the full report forthcoming.
Download (pdf, 181.42 KB)

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Armed Violence and Disability: The Untold Story (2012) 12/22/12

This report details the conclusions of a one year study into the relationship between armed violence and disability. The study was based on data collected from police forces and hospitals, and a survey conducted between May 2011 and April 2012 in four towns or provinces of countries particularly affected by this scourge: Medellin, Colombia; Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Karamoja, Uganda; and Peshawar, Pakistan.
Download (pdf, 978.38 KB)

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Inclusive Education (2012) 02/03/12

This policy paper describes Humanity & Inclusion’s mandate and values in operational terms as applied to to the theme of inclusive education.
Download (pdf, 2.16 MB)

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Inclusive and integrated HIV and AIDS programming (2012) 01/01/12

This policy paper describes Humanity & Inclusion’s mandate and values as applied to the theme of inclusive and integrated HIV and AIDS programming.
Download (pdf, 2.96 MB)

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The Sustainability Analysis Process: The Case of Physical Rehabilitation (2012) 01/01/12

This guide describes the Sustainability Analysis Process (SAP), which aims to facilitate the development of a common vision of sustainability, using physical rehabilitation as a case study.
Download (pdf, 2.42 MB)

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La représentation et l’évaluation du handicap en Haïti (2012) 01/01/12

A report on Haiti’s representation of disability.
Download (pdf, 1.29 MB)

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Support to Organizations Representative of Persons with Disabilities (2011) 12/22/11

This policy paper is based on Humanity & Inclusion's experience, which was acquired while working with and supporting organizations that represent people with disabilities.
Download (pdf, 2.70 MB)

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Victim Assistance in Cambodia—The Human Face of Survivors and their Needs for Assistance (2011) 12/22/11

This paper examines the lives of victims/survivors of landmines by tracking their historical background, the accident and their present conditions. A broader victim assistance and disability framework serves as the backdrop of analysis in this report.
Download (pdf, 1.62 MB)


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