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Humanity & Inclusion is one of the leading organizations working on disability worldwide. We publish a range of reports, factsheets, and briefings on topics related to our work. These include disability, emergencies, explosive weapons, physical rehabilitation, health, inclusion and rights.

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A selection of our most recent reports are available below, displayed in order by their date of publication. Please use the filter tools to refine your search.

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Recommendations for the victim assistance provisions in a treaty banning cluster munitions: A practitioners’ perspective (2007) 12/22/07

This document provides common recommendations for victim assistance provisions, which should be included in a future treaty to ensure that its implementation will respond to the needs and rights of cluster munition victims.
Download (pdf, 218.72 KB)

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Circle of impact: The fatal footprint of cluster munitions on people and communities (2007) 10/22/07

Ninety-eight percent of people killed or injured by cluster submunitions are civilians living in the aftermath of war. This Humanity & Inclusion report documents the impact of cluster munitions on the lives of people and communities in 25 countries and territories. View the report
Download (pdf, 8.43 MB)

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What rights for mine victims? Reparation, compensation: From legal analysis to political perspectives (2005) 12/22/05

This study examines different areas of international law in order to compile the potential legal means which could be claimed by landmine victims, allowing for compensation.
Download (pdf, 4.64 MB)

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How to Include Disability Issues in Disaster Management: Following Floods 2004 in Bangladesh (2005) 12/22/04

This publication provides practical ideas and concrete knowledge to include disability issues in disaster management. Although it is based on floods, ideas can be adapted to any type of disaster. 
Download (pdf, 2.93 MB)

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Acting Against Landmines: The Position of Handicap International (now known as Humanity & Inclusion) (2001) 12/22/01

Humanity & Inclusion helped to initiate and run an international movement aimed at the total prohibition of landmines: the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL).
Download (pdf, 216.88 KB)

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Towards Real Assistance to Landmine Victims: the Position of Handicap International (now known as Humanity & Inclusion) (2000) 12/22/00

By banning antipersonnel landmines, States Parties committed themselves to providing assistance to landmine victims. Despite the efforts first made and the declarations of intention, much remains to be done in the area of victim assistance.
Download (pdf, 204.37 KB)

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Equal Access Monitor - September 2017 00/00/00

Download (pdf, 5.66 MB)


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