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Medic supports deminers in Laos 01/29/24

Daovy has been a medic in Laos for 20 years. She tells us about her career and her experience with deminers and local residents.

  • Laos

"With the support of the inclusive farm project, I’m determined to succeed!" 01/26/24

Omo has been trained in farming techniques and business management by Humanity & Inclusion's inclusive farm project in Sierra Leone. As a result, her family's living conditions have improved.

  • Sierra Leone

Good news roundup: January 2024 01/25/24

Good news in January at HI: mental health in Ukraine, inclusive development in Niger and Burkina Faso, sexual & reproductive health in South Sudan and rehabilitation in Eastern Chad.

  • Ukraine
  • South Sudan
  • Burkina Faso
  • Niger
  • Chad

Fatoumata wants to continue school at all costs 01/24/24

Fatoumata is a 15-year-old girl who has a disability and currently lives in a refugee camp. Despite many obstacles, she wants to continue school.

  • Burkina Faso

Haiti: HI's ongoing response to cholera outbreak 01/22/24

Since the end of 2022, a cholera outbreak has been raging in Haiti. Humanity & Inclusion continues its preventive actions to support communities.

  • Haiti

Saisa: a new prosthetic leg for a new life 01/20/24

Saisa was amputated below her left knee when an insect bite became severely infected. After working with Humanity & Inclusion's teams, she tells us how her life has changed.

  • Kenya

"The impact of contamination is enormous on communities” 01/16/24

Clearance in Laos: Souvan was initially a deminer. He is now the base coordinator for the HI clearance team.

  • Laos

HI provides aid in 110 shelters in Gaza 01/16/24

Humanity & Inclusion and its partners in Gaza have provided aid to more than 3,500 people since October 7.

  • Palestine

Educating people about risks is a means of giving them hope 01/12/24

In Burkina Faso, communities are exposed to the threat of explosive ordnance every day. HI's teams are providing risk education in a very tense security context.

  • Burkina Faso

100 days of chaos in Gaza: people with disabilities face acute challenges 01/12/24

More than 400,000 people with disabilities are encountering tremendous challenges to survive the horrors in Gaza.

  • Palestine

Kira, Storm, Fisti and Tini: meet our new demining colleagues in Senegal 01/11/24

Nose to the wind and eyes sparkling, the four dogs are training in the lush vegetation of Casamance. Soon, they will be clearing mines alongside Humanity & Inclusion’s teams.

  • Senegal

Sierra Leone: Inclusive mushroom farm project gives new hope 01/08/24

Humanity & Inclusion's inclusive farm project in Sierra Leone enables participants to overcome the obstacles of everyday life and practice a sustainable, income-generating activity.

  • Sierra Leone

Miss Rwanda contestant joins HI as ambassador 01/05/24

Jeannette Uwimana, a young woman with hearing loss who was elected Miss Rwanda Innovation 2022, is Humanity & Inclusion's ambassador in Rwanda.

  • Rwanda

Arrival of Sudanese refugees in Chad: a challenge for humanitarian logistics 01/04/24

Thousands of refugees continue to arrive in eastern Chad after eight months of war in Sudan. This massive influx of people is presenting humanitarian workers with a host of logistical challenges.

  • Chad

HI helps Moustafa, 87, displaced by violence at Lebanon-Israel border 01/03/24

Humanity & Inclusion is helping 87-year-old Moustafa, who fled the violence at the border of Israel and Lebanon.

  • Lebanon


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