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As a peer educator, Saly is mobilizing for people’s rights 08/29/23

Saly, 22, lives in the Kolda region of Senegal. She is a peer educator working to raise the awareness of young people about sexual health and disability issues.

  • Senegal

Proud to clear lands for communities 08/28/23

Mawj Maad JarAllah joined the Humanity & Inclusion clearance team in Salah al Din, Iraq, earlier this year. She shares what motivates her work.

  • Iraq

Ruth overcomes malnutrition challenges with play therapy 08/25/23

Humanity & Inclusion is caring for Ruth, 15 months old, who is experiencing the effects of malnutrition, which could irreversibly affect her growth.

  • Chad

After stimulation therapy, Madeleine loves to play 08/25/23

Experiencing food insecurity in Chad, Madeleine is facing the consequences of malnutrition. Humanity & Inclusion has been providing the toddler with physical therapy to stimulate her motor skills and cognitive development.

  • Chad

Mine clearance and the environment: HI is committed to preserving biodiversity in Colombia 08/25/23

In Colombia, Humanity & Inclusion is complementing its demining operations with a commitment to the environment.

  • Colombia

Thanks to his new glasses, Egide is back at school 08/24/23

Egide is 7 years old and lives in Rwanda. Born with a visual disability, Humanity & Inclusion has helped him receive the eye surgery he needed. Today, with his new glasses, he can see the bright side of life.

  • Rwanda

Clearing land of explosive weapons leads to agricultural opportunity 08/23/23

In Lebanon, Humanity & Inclusion has just begun new clearance operations in the Chouf District of Mount Lebanon province. Once released, the land – abandoned for the last 40 years – will be used for agriculture.

  • Lebanon

Ukraine: 'I don’t see victims, I see survivors' 08/22/23

Irina Yashchuk is Humanity & Inclusion’s Health Project Manager in eastern Ukraine. Every day, she and her team work to support people affected by the war.

  • Ukraine

Community gardens provide a lifeline for communities isolated by conflict 08/21/23

A shared community garden project in Burkina Faso is helping people living in the Sahel region ensure their food security.

  • Burkina Faso

Hassan helps people with disabilities find employment 08/17/23

Hassan Safssafi works for Humanity & Inclusion as an Employment Projects Manager. He focuses on the social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities in Morocco.

  • Morocco

After surviving mine explosion, prosthesis expert brings personal experience to job 08/14/23

Navin Raut specializes in the production of prostheses and orthoses—also known as artificial limbs and braces—with Humanity & Inclusion in Nepal. He talks about his journey from a young soldier requiring amputation to a prosthetics & orthotics (P&O) specialist.

  • Nepal

Cultivating peace in a village freed from the threat of mines 08/11/23

In April 2023, Humanity & Inclusion declared the village of Santander de Quilichao in Colombia free of mines. After living in fear for 20 years, its residents are now getting on with their lives.

  • Colombia

Being a physical therapist pushes you to do your best every day 08/08/23

Paul Lokiru is a physical therapist for Humanity & Inclusion in Uganda. Every day, he helps patients regain their mobility and self-confidence. In the refugee camps where he works, the needs are immense.

  • Uganda

Kennedy walks with 3D-printed braces, rehabilitation care 08/08/23

Kennedy has cerebral palsy. After years of being unable to stand or walk, braces and physical therapy have helped him achieve incredible progress.

  • Uganda

Dania is proud to contribute to her community’s development 08/07/23

In Cuba, Humanity & Inclusion is helping residents prepare for potential natural disasters and strengthen their autonomy and resilience. Dania has received support for her farm.

  • Cuba


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