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Crisis in North Kivu: mobile clinics providing essential care 05/14/24

HI is deploying mobile clinics in North Kivu to improve access to healthcare and provide medical and psychosocial assistance to people displaced by conflict.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

All the children in Gaza are out of school 05/07/24

All the schools in Gaza are closed because of the violence, so what is happening to the children who are now out of school?

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

The parent-child bond, crucial to the development of children facing malnutrition 05/06/24

HI's actions for children experiencing malnutrition are based on the emotional bond between parents and children. Amina, the mother of a baby who has benefited from HI's activities, tells us about her experience.

  • Chad

Good News of April 2024 05/03/24

In Syria, Nepal and Uganda: children are finding new hope thanks to their prostheses and wheelchairs!

  • Syria
  • Nepal
  • Uganda

Global Day of Action on May 2: Stop all arms transfer 05/02/24

HI, as part of the Ceasefire Now coalition, is taking part in a day of action calling for a halt to all arms transfers and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

In Mali, HI delivers 1,200 tons of humanitarian aid to help people in need 04/29/24

HI provides other NGOs in Mali with a road and river transport solution for delivering their aid to communities in need.

  • Mali

Putting an end to widespread destruction and civilian harm in populated areas 04/24/24

States have gathered in Oslo to review the implementation of the political declaration against the bombing and shelling of towns and cities.

  • International

Noor, walking her way back to life! 04/19/24

Noor, aged 3, is a survivor of the earthquake that struck Turkey and northwest Syria in February 2023. HI is accompanying this vivacious and resilient little girl on the way to her refound life.

  • Syria

West Bank: Attending school in times of conflict is a challenge 04/17/24

Samar, 10, lives in a camp in the West Bank. She has multiple disabilities. Attending school is already a challenge, now exacerbated by the escalation of violence.

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

7 things you should know about the conflict in Sudan 04/15/24

On April 15 2023, an armed conflict broke out in Sudan. In May 2023, HI mobilized in Eastern Chad to support and care for Sudanese refugees fleeing the violence.

  • Chad

Gaza: “We need double the amount of supplies” 04/08/24

Wala provides nursing care to people in their homes and shelters. She talks to us about her life, her work and the situation in Gaza.

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

Srey Neang: a prosthesis so she can return to school 04/07/24

Srey Neang's leg was amputated after she was injured by an explosive device at the age of four.

  • Cambodia

Martine, a mine accident survivor, tells her story to raise awareness of the risks 04/05/24

Martine comes from Senegal. In 2009, she was injured in a mine explosion. Since then, she has been speaking out to raise awareness of the dangers of explosive devices and prevent further accidents.

  • Senegal

Jamaima, orthotist: a profession of service to others 04/03/24

Jamaima Naluggya, an orthotist, is heading a project to develop the 3D printing of prostheses and orthoses in refugee camps in Uganda. This is the story of her commitment to helping others.

  • Uganda

Good news in March 2024 03/29/24

Good news in March at HI: rehabilitation services and orthopedic devices in Peru, Cambodia and the Central African Republic, and inclusion in schools in Kenya.

  • International


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