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Rema, 13 years old, lost her leg after being trapped under the debris for 30 hours 02/20/23

Rema is a something of a miracle. From her room in one of HI’s 13 partner hospitals in the area of Jindires, northwest Syria, she shares what happened to her.

  • Syria

In 1982, HI provided Emilie with her first prosthesis 02/20/23

Emilie was 6 years old when she lost her foot in a landmine explosion in Cambodia. She was one of the very first people to be fitted with a prosthesis by HI in its early days as an organization.

  • Cambodia

“New shelter camps every day” 02/17/23

Anis manages a team of 22 HI physiotherapists and psychosocial support experts in North Syria. He describes the earthquake response provided by HI.

  • Syria

“Many of the contaminated areas may have migrated" 02/17/23

HI’s global land release technical operations manager Gary Toombs explains how “the February 6th seism has significantly aggravated an already desperate situation.”

  • Syria

"I already have seven children. That's enough.” 02/16/23

Thanks to the sexual and reproductive health project supported by HI, Liva can finally make her own decisions when it comes to her family.

  • Madagascar

Bombs under the rubble 02/15/23

Risk education specialist Musab explains the situation in the Middle East regarding remnants of bombs and improvised explosives after the February earthquake.

  • Syria

“I fear the death toll will continue to rise...” 02/13/23

Sharif (name change) is a surgeon from a HI partner hospital in northern Syria near the Turkish border. He recounts what he has seen following the February 6 earthquake.

  • Syria

HI supports the communities in northern Syria affected by the earthquake 02/13/23

Myriam Abord-Hugon, HI's program director in Syria, explains HI's actions in response to the earthquake.

  • Syria

"Needs for long-term rehabilitation will be very high" 02/13/23

Amir is the director of an orthopedic and reconstruction HI partner hospital in Idlib, Syria, near the Turkish border. They received 680 injured people in 3 days.

  • Syria

“60% of our patients since Monday have no mobility devices.” 02/13/23

Sami (name change) manages a rehabilitation team in an hospital the Idlib region. He describes the dramatic situation after the earthquake.

  • Syria

“We sleep in the car as it seem the safest place so far” 02/13/23

Elyas (name change) is a member of the HI team in northwest Syria. He and his family experienced the devestating earthquake in early February. They are safe but still under shock.

  • International
  • Syria

After 12 years of war, HI continues to support Syrian refugees 02/06/23

Mariam is among the millions of Syrians, victims of the war, who have fled their country to seek refuge in Jordan or Lebanon. 

  • Syria

Violent earthquake kills thousands in the Middle East 02/06/23

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria the night of February 6th 2023. Already present in the region, HI launched an intervention to help the survivors.

  • Syria

Forida’s dream came true: To see her daughters play with the other children! 02/01/23

For the past four years, this Rohingya mother living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh has been able to count on the support of HI to help her two daughters with disabilities become more autonomous.

  • Bangladesh

Rehabilitation care critical for Haiti earthquake survivors 01/27/23

In Haiti, Humanity & Inclusion and its partners are providing rehabilitation care to people injured in the August earthquake. Some patients are healing from broken bones, while others are recovering from amputations.

  • Haiti


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