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Morocco earthquake survivors in need of shelter 09/15/23

Almost a week after the earthquake, the disaster's impact is alarming: more than 380,000 people have been affected by the disaster, including thousands who are homeless.

  • Morocco

Coordinating emergency teams responding to Libya floods 09/14/23

Atlas Logistique, Humanity & Inclusion's Logistics Division, is supporting the emergency response to Storm Daniel, which devastated Derna and other parts of eastern Libya.

  • Libya

HI provides support to Moroccans affected by the earthquake 09/13/23

A 6.8-magnitude earthquake shook Morocco on Sept. 8, 2023. Humanity & Inclusion has been present in the country for 30 years and is working alongside its Moroccan partners to help survivors.

  • Morocco

Morocco earthquake: Humanity & Inclusion expresses its support 09/09/23

A 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck the Al-Haouz province of Morocco at around 11 p.m. on Friday, September 8. Humanity & Inclusion has been present in the country since 1993 and shows its support for Moroccans.

  • Morocco

Iraq: 'I demine to help my community' 09/05/23

Istabraq Lazim Muhammed joined Humanity & Inclusion's clearance team in Salah al Din, Iraq, earlier this year.

  • Iraq

Mireille shows progress with stimulation therapy in Chad 09/05/23

Mireille, 2, lives with intellectual disabilities as well as the challenges of malnourishment. In Chad, Humanity & Inclusion is promoting her growth and development through stimulation therapy.

  • Chad

Chue Por, injured by a cluster munition at the age of 17 09/01/23

Chue Por is the survivor of a cluster munition explosion in which he lost his arm. With the support of Humanity & Inclusion, he has regained his mobility.

  • Laos

Awa fights against genital mutilation in Senegal 08/31/23

Awa is raising the awareness of young men and women about sexual health issues in Kolda, Senegal. Her objective? For everyone to have access to the information and the health services they need.

  • Senegal

In Cuba, HI continues to support residents one year after Hurricane Ian 08/30/23

In September 2022, Hurricane Ian hit Cuba with winds of greater than 125 mph. A year later, Humanity & Inclusion is  still actively responding to the emergency and helping communities become more resilient to future disasters.

  • Cuba

As a peer educator, Saly is mobilizing for people’s rights 08/29/23

Saly, 22, lives in the Kolda region of Senegal. She is a peer educator working to raise the awareness of young people about sexual health and disability issues.

  • Senegal

Proud to clear lands for communities 08/28/23

Mawj Maad JarAllah joined the Humanity & Inclusion clearance team in Salah al Din, Iraq, earlier this year. She shares what motivates her work.

  • Iraq

Ruth overcomes malnutrition challenges with play therapy 08/25/23

Humanity & Inclusion is caring for Ruth, 15 months old, who is experiencing the effects of malnutrition, which could irreversibly affect her growth.

  • Chad

After stimulation therapy, Madeleine loves to play 08/25/23

Experiencing food insecurity in Chad, Madeleine is facing the consequences of malnutrition. Humanity & Inclusion has been providing the toddler with physical therapy to stimulate her motor skills and cognitive development.

  • Chad

Mine clearance and the environment: HI is committed to preserving biodiversity in Colombia 08/25/23

In Colombia, Humanity & Inclusion is complementing its demining operations with a commitment to the environment.

  • Colombia

Thanks to his new glasses, Egide is back at school 08/24/23

Egide is 7 years old and lives in Rwanda. Born with a visual disability, Humanity & Inclusion has helped him receive the eye surgery he needed. Today, with his new glasses, he can see the bright side of life.

  • Rwanda


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