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The power of small drones in humanitarian demining 06/19/23

Humanity & Inclusion will attend the International Meeting of Mine Action National Directors and United Nations Advisers on June 22-23, 2023, in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Laos
  • Colombia
  • Senegal

Thanks to stimulation therapy, Mohamed is walking like a big boy! 06/15/23

Azima and her son, Mohamed, are participating in Humanity & Inclusion's stimulation therapy sessions in Safo, Niger. As a result of this support, the little boy can finally sit up and walk on his own.

  • Niger

Promoting inclusive sexual and reproductive health for young people 06/15/23

With the ENSEMBLE project and the support of the Togolese government, Humanity & Inclusion is implementing actions to promote sexual and reproductive health, particularly among women and young people.

  • Togo

Simon supports children at the Kakuma Rehabilitation Center 06/12/23

Simon Njenga tells us about his day-to-day work as a pediatric rehabilitation officer at the Kakuma rehabilitation center in Kenya.

  • Kenya

Breaking the hunger cycle: Marie's inspiring transformation 06/12/23

Despite Marie's best efforts, her son had a serious health problem: malnutrition. Humanity & Inclusion came to their aid.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Three refugee entrepreneurs overcome Covid-19 challenges 06/09/23

Aziza, Omot and Khalid keep their businesses thriving after the Covid-19 crisis with financial assistance from Humanity & Inclusion and the Mastercard Foundation.

  • Kenya

After Syria earthquake, Israa walks again 06/08/23

Israa, 6, was seriously injured in the earthquake that rocked Syria on Feb. 6. Physical therapists and mental health specialists have helped her recover.

  • Syria

Life in a refugee camp as a teenager with a disability 06/07/23

Mouch fled from South Sudan to Ethiopia to escape the war. After arriving in the refugee camp, his left leg was amputated due to an infection. Now supported by Humanity & Inclusion, Mouch tells his story.

  • Ethiopia

Vocational inclusion: Talented seamstress trains other people with disabilities 06/05/23

In Niger, Humanity & Inclusion helps young women with disabilities find employment. Badariya, a talented seamstress, is an apprentice turned trainer.

  • Niger

Displaced by conflict, Mahamat attends school for the first time 06/02/23

Mahamat* is 13 years old. After fleeing his village after attacks by armed groups, he is now living in a camp for displaced people in Kousseri, on the shores of Lake Chad.

  • Chad

“My biggest fear was that Nita would never walk!” 06/01/23

Un Sonita, known as Nita, was born with clubfoot. When she was just a baby, she started treatment at Humanity & Inclusion’s Kampong Cham rehabilitation center in Cambodia. Nita has now made a complete recovery!

  • Cambodia

In Niger, severe weather events destroyed people's homes and crops 05/30/23

Torrential rain and violent hailstorms: extreme weather events are a threat to people like Ali, 76, who lost his home and his harvest in 2021. HI provided him with an emergency shelter.

  • Niger

Protecting lives through explosive ordnance risk education in Ukraine 05/24/23

Olga Savchenko, explosive ordnance risk education project manager and Kaitlin Hodge, armed violence reduction specialist in Ukraine, explain how Humanity & Inclusion is raising the population’s awareness of the dangers linked to explosive devices and bombings.

  • Ukraine

Inclusive education helps children like Mahamadou dream big 05/24/23

Mahamadou is 13 years old and lives in Niger. He dreams of becoming a doctor and saving lives. HI is supporting him so that he can go to school in good conditions and fulfill his dreams.

  • Niger

“If I had stayed in my shelter, I would be dead now” 05/23/23

Cyclone Mocha hit Bangladesh and Myanmar on Sunday, 14 May. Our teams are currently assessing the damage and needs in Cox's Bazar refugee camps.

  • Bangladesh


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