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“I wanted a artificial limb leg so they would stop harassing me” 01/26/15

Fourteen-year-old Firas had just returned home from school in Syria when his house was shelled. Shrapnel from the explosion flew through the air at the speed of a bullet, hitting Firas in his legs. He was rushed to hospital across the border in Lebanon but his injuries were so bad that his right leg had to be amputated.

  • Lebanon
  • Syria

Kanha, 17, Cambodia: I think I was very lucky 01/26/15

In 2005, seven-year-old Kanha was playing in her family's courtyard when her father came home from his fields. He brought home a rusty metal object - scrap metal he planned to sell.

  • Cambodia

We jumped into our cars leaving everything behind us 01/23/15

Ali is 65 years old. He is currently living in the governorate of Dohuk with 24 other members of his family. Three years ago he had a stroke which left him with severely reduced mobility in his left leg. He therefore finds it difficult to get about and to perform certain day-to-day tasks. With support from Handicap International, Ali has seen his mobility improve.

  • Iraq

Working as a Rehabilitation Technician to help other people 01/21/15

Stéphanie Charlotin is following the Rehabilitation Technician course offered by Handicap International in Haiti. It is the first of its kind in this country where the needs in this field are immense.

  • Haiti

Flooding in Sri Lanka: Handicap International intervenes to help the flood victims 01/16/15

From 19 to 30 December, Sri Lanka was affected by severe flooding in 22 of the country’s 25 districts. Handicap International is currently working to help vulnerable people in the district of Batticaloa, a district previously devastated by the tsunami in 2004.

  • Sri Lanka

North Lebanon: Handicap International steps up demining activities to clear three districts by 2016 01/16/15

Handicap International is planning to set up a fourth demining team in North Lebanon in 2015, to speed up progress in the region.

  • Lebanon

Gaza: the presence of explosive remnants of war must not hinder the reconstruction process 01/15/15

The 50-day conflict between Israel and Hamas in July and August 2014 caused widespread destruction in the Gaza Strip. According to the United Nations, 18,000 homes were destroyed. The remaining rubble is estimated to contain between 7,000 and 10,000 unexploded devices, exposing those involved in the clean-up operation to serious harm. As of January 2015, Handicap International will be implementing a campaign to raise small businesses' and families' awareness of explosive remnants of war.

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

Christella, Haiti: “Hang in there, never let go” 01/12/15

When the earthquake struck Haiti on 12th January 2010, 12-year-old Christella was at school. The building collapsed on her and she spent the night and much of the next morning trapped under the rubble with the bodies of those who did not survive. After she was rescued Christella’s leg needed to be amputated at the upper thigh.

  • Haiti

Meet Roldan: The carpenter that wears his shoes on his hands 11/11/14

Roldan 's home was swept away by the storm-surge during Typhoon Haiyan. His family fled to the hills and now live in a new home. The house, which is only accessible by boat, was built with equipment and financial assistance provided by Handicap International.
  • Philippines

Hidden victims: Radical change needed for older, and injured Syrian refugees 04/09/14

New research published today shows that older, and injured Syrian refugees are paying a double toll as a result of the conflict. The report, released by Handicap International and HelpAge International, provides new data showing how much these vulnerable refugees are struggling to meet their specific needs.

  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria


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