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Susan: “My school is different from other schools” 09/12/22

In Kalobeyei refugee camp in Kenya, children with disabilties can have access to school thanks to the support of Humanity & Inclusion's team. Susan, head teacher of the camp’s inclusive school, explains its benefits.

  • Kenya

“Before I met HI, I only wanted to walk again. Now I believe I can run!” 09/09/22

Like many Ukrainians, Nadezhda lives with compromised health conditions. After the war worsened her symptoms and displaced her from home, Humanity & Inclusion's rehabilitation helped relieve pain and restore her energy.

  • Ukraine

Enayatullah can walk again 09/09/22

Enayatullah, 9, lives in Afghanistan. He lost his leg because of an explosive remnant of war. He can now walk again thanks to the prosthesis provided by Humanity & Inclusion's team.

  • Afghanistan

Helping Raizy get her life back 08/26/22

A stroke left Raizy partially paralyzed and stole her independence. Humanity & Inclusion has been using rehabilitation to improve her mobility and adapt her daily activities.

  • Madagascar

Gina: “I can walk on my own again and without pain.” 08/26/22

Gina,13, lives in Jordan. With the help of Humanity & Inclusion, she has received surgery and rehabilitation treatment for a hip deformity. Today, she can walk without difficulty and is back at school.

  • Jordan

Diana championed the ban of landmines. 25 years on from her death, their use is on the rise again 08/25/22

Saturday 31st August 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Humanity & Inclusion pays tribute to her tremendous work in bringing global attention to the scourge of landmines. The Ottawa Treaty banning landmines was championed by the Princess and signed in December 1997, three months after her death.

  • United Kingdom
  • International

Omod gains independence with his new wheelchair 08/25/22

Without any mobility device available, Omod relied on others to get from place to place. With Humanity & Inclusion’s support, he has a new wheelchair and newfound independence.

  • Ethiopia

Injured by a landmine, Chue Por regains mobility and purpose 08/23/22

Chue Por lost his arm in a landmine explosion 15 years ago. With the support of Humanity & Inclusion, he has regained his independence and advocates for explosive weapons to be banned.

  • Laos

With HI’s support, Jonathan can go to school and dream big 08/18/22

Jonathan, 7, lives with cerebral palsy. Through surgery and follow-up rehabilitation services from Humanity & Inclusion, he is able to walk and attend school for the first time.

  • Kenya

In Mali, HI helps the courageous Aminata go to school 08/18/22

Thanks to Humanity & Inclusion's support, 10-year-old Aminata has returned to school, is studying hard, and has received a prosthesis for her arm.

  • Mali

“As someone with a disability myself, I want to help people in similar situations.” 08/16/22

A valuable member of Humanity & Inclusion’s team in Tuléar Madagascar, Deriaz ensures that rehabilitation beneficiaries get the support they need.

  • Madagascar

Helping people with disabilities access prostheses and mobility aids 08/12/22

Andrew Mwangi is a Artificial Limbs and Braces Officer at Humanity & Inclusion in Kenya. In the Kakuma refugee camp and the Kalobeyei settlement, he helps people with disabilities access artificial limbs.

  • Kenya

After a life-changing work accident, Tok advocates for disability inclusion 08/12/22

Tok, 27, lost his leg in a work accident. Over the last two years, Humanity & Inclusion has provided him with an artificial limb and rehabilitation care in Laos.

  • Laos

HI supports Kabita in her dream job 08/11/22

21-year-old Kabita lives in Banke, a district in Western Nepal. When she was a student, she had a road accident that resulted in a physical disability. Today, Kabita is a successful rickshaw driver.

  • Nepal


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