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“We maintain a warehouse with temperature control for medical storage” 03/08/23

Mykhailo Gusevik, Atlas Logistic’s Storekeeper in Dnipro, explains the essential role of the logistics activities supported by the European Humanitarian Response Capacity (EHRC).

  • Ukraine

"I am very happy to contribute to the educational success of children with disabilities" 03/07/23

Yao Gbledjo is an itinerant teacher in northern Togo. His job is to accompany children with a hearing or intellectual disabilities so they can follow a school curriculum.

  • Togo

With HI’s support, Vincent can go to school with his friends 03/07/23

Vincent is a 14-year-old boy living in Togo. Born with an intellectual disability, he has been receiving support from HI for the past three years so that he can study at school.

  • Togo

With HI’s support, Kanloukitibe is making progress at school 03/07/23

Kanloukitibe, 10 years old, lives in Togo. She was born with hearing loss. For the past three years, HI has been ensuring she receives personalized educational assistance to help her keep up with her studies.

  • Togo

Q&A: Lasting effects of war-time weapons 03/06/23

Gary Toombs, Humanity & Inclusion's Global Land Release/Armed Violence Reduction Technical Operations Manager, explains the effects of explosive ordnances even decades after conflict subsides. 

  • Ukraine
  • Laos

“When you have a disability, you can’t just get up and run for safety.” 03/06/23

Life can be harrowing for people with disabilities in war-torn Syria, as they are exposed to violence and discrimination. HI and its local partners are helping Faisal to live like any other father.

  • Syria

Safety messages in the wake of the earthquake 03/06/23

HI teaches people in Syria how to protect themselves during an earthquake and its aftershocks as well as from the large quantities of explosive ordnance littering the region.

  • Syria

Where there’s a will, there’s a way 02/27/23

After a car accident that injured his leg, Sami became infected with a bacterium that no treatment could cure. His leg had to be amputated. HI helped him through the life-changing process.

  • Syria

Housen is so happy to walk 02/27/23

Housen, eight years old, has cerebral palsy. HI and its partners developed a specifically tailored rehabilitation program to help him learn to walk and become more autonomous.

  • Syria

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has signed a memorandum of understanding with HI 02/23/23

HI and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine sign a memorandum of understanding to improve the quality of access to health services.

  • Ukraine

"I’ve seen people maimed, others amputated. But I’m alright, I have hope" 02/23/23

Anja was injured during the earthquake. He is currently beeing treated by a medical team in one of HI’s 13 partner hospitals in northwest Syria.

  • Syria

Displaced by war: the story of Tamara and her son Mykhailo 02/23/23

Mother and son, Tamara and Mykhailo Artamonova, had to abandon their house after it was bombed. Thanks to a temporary shelter in Dnipro and HI’s services, they were able to get the help they needed.

  • Ukraine

Bombing in Dnipro: the European Union and Atlas Logistics help the victims 02/23/23

On January 14th 2023, a missile strike hit a high-rise building in Dnipro in eastern Ukraine. 46 people died, including six children, and 81 persons were injured.

  • Ukraine

Regional communications officer reflects on favorite parts of job 02/22/23

Pralhad Gairapipli, Humanity & Inclusion's regional communications officer for India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, reflects on working for the organization as it celebrates its 40th anniversary.

  • Nepal

“Psychological first aid to avoid complication” 02/21/23

Mehdi Firouzi supervises the psychosocial teams in Syria. He explains the benefits of psychological first aid after a tragedy like the February 6th earthquake.

  • Syria


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