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Nepal: Handicap International teams deploy immediately to support victims of second earthquake 05/19/15

Following the devastating earthquake on 25th April, a second major earthquake struck Nepal on the afternoon of 12th May. The epicenter of the latest quake was 42 miles west of the town of Namche Bazaar, close to Mount Everest. Nearly 2,000 people were injured as a result, and the numbers are rising. In total, over 20,000 people have been injured in the two earthquakes.

  • Nepal

Fractures, spinal injuries, amputations... the needs of earthquake victims in Nepal are huge 05/19/15

When the earthquake struck Nepal on 25 April, Handicap International immediately mobilized teams to help injured people and distribute medical supplies. In the following hours and days, hospitals were filled by people with fractures, spinal cord injuries and head injuries, many of which were caused by collapsing buildings or falling debris.

  • Nepal

Nepal hit again by a violent earthquake 05/12/15

A violent 7,4 magnitude earthquake has just hit Nepal. The epicenter of the tremor is located 83 km at the East of Katmandu and 68 km at the West of Namche Bazar, in the Everest region. It has been followed by several replicas.

  • Nepal

Syria’s time bomb: 2 million children at risk from explosive weapons 05/12/15

A new report, published today by charity Handicap International, reveals the high degree of weapons contamination in Syria and warns that the lives of 5.1 million Syrians - including more than 2 million children - are at risk. Handicap International is calling on all the parties to the Syrian conflict to abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law and immediately end the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. The international community must also urgently respond to address the harmful effects of these weapons on civilians.

  • Syria

Jehad: I had no idea who was dead or alive 05/11/15

Jehad is 24. She was evacuated from her home on the first day of Eid after a warning missile hit her neighborhood, and she moved to her uncle’s house.

  • Palestine

Road Safety: Handicap International commits to protect children 05/07/15

Every 4 minutes, somewhere in the world, a child is the victim of a road traffic accident.  The Child Road Safety in the Americas Congress, organized in collaboration with Handicap International and the United Nations, is to be held in Costa Rica on 7 and 8 May with the aim of improving road safety to better protect children.

Nepal earthquake: Vital support for the emergency rehabilitation sector 05/06/15

According to the World Health Organization , Nepal is likely to experience a shortfall of staff trained to provide post-trauma care to people with injuries. Handicap International has been working in the country for fifteen years, where its field program team has been providing support to five rehabilitation centers and forms part of Nepal’s rehabilitation network. However, following the earthquake, there has been an increase in the number of people with injuries, and the organization has had to deploy additional staff to oversee professionals already working in the field in order to ensure they provide adequate emergency rehabilitation care.

  • Nepal

Nepal earthquake: Our priority is to care for the injured 05/04/15

Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal on Saturday 25th April, Handicap International’s teams immediately began distributing equipment to two hospitals in Kathmandu on Saturday. A team of emergency specialists left for Nepal on Sunday evening, followed by a second team on Monday to provide care for injured people and help them avoid developing permanent disabilities.

  • Nepal

Nepal: Staff assess situation for earthquake victims in isolated Gorkha 04/29/15

The day after Nepal was hit by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake on Saturday 25 April, Wesley Pryor, Handicap International’s rehabilitation adviser, traveled to assess the situation in Gorkha, an isolated region very close to the epicenter. He traveled in conjunction with International Medical Corps.

  • Nepal

Handicap International sends emergency specialists to Nepal 04/26/15

Handicap International’s teams, already present and active on the ground in response to the disaster, will be joined from Monday by several emergency specialists, to evaluate and meet the immediate needs. The first aid distributions were already made on Saturday by the organization, which is also providing care to injured people.

  • Nepal

Earthquake in Nepal: Handicap International brings immediate aid to victims 04/25/15

On Saturday morning, 25th April, a powerful earthquake struck Nepal. So far the disaster has killed more than 1,000 people. Nepal has declared a state of emergency, and Handicap International teams are already on the ground, delivering direct aid and evaluating the need for a large-scale emergency intervention.

  • Nepal

Sumaira, the hope of living an independent life 04/23/15

Sumaira, 8 years old, was born with the congenital development disorder Spina Bifida . Despite her parents' best efforts to provide her with care, Sumaira is unable to stand up and walk unaided. Before she started receiving care from Handicap International, she was fully dependent on her parents for all her day-to-day needs.

  • India

Sierra Leone: The fight against Ebola goes on 04/21/15

Despite the hopes raised by a sharp drop in the number of contaminations in January, the Ebola virus epidemic is not over yet. Bruno Leclercq, Handicap International’s Field Program Director in Sierra Leone and Liberia, talked to us about the problems still facing the region and the exceptional commitment shown by the people of Sierra Leone.

  • Liberia
  • Sierra Leone

“I want to tell everyone in the world to stop using mines” 04/10/15

Seng Ly, 52, lost the use of her legs in 1989 after she was hit by an anti-tank mine. At the time, she was living in a camp for Cambodian refugees in Thailand. More than twenty years on, Handicap International is still at her side. 

  • Cambodia


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