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Living with brittle bone disease, Venezuelan refugee pursues her dreams 07/27/23

Michelle is a teenager with brittle bone disease. She came to Colombia looking for medical care. An adapted wheelchair has helped her pursue her dreams.

  • Colombia

Typhoon Doksuri (Egay) hits the Philippines 07/27/23

Super Typhoon Doksuri slammed the northern Philippines on Wednesday, July 26, killing at least 5 people and displacing nearly 27,000. Humanity & Inclusion is assessing the situation.

  • Philippines

Dedicating his life to mine clearance: the journey of Aki Ra, a former child soldier 07/26/23

13 years after the trial of “Comrade Duch,” the Khmer Rouge torturer convicted of crimes against humanity, a former child soldier turned deminer tells his story.

  • Cambodia

Economic inclusion at HI 07/25/23

In 2022, Humanity & Inclusion operated 75 projects on economic inclusion, including in Niger and Madagascar.

  • Mali
  • Niger
  • Madagascar

Frostbitten in a cellar, hiding from bombs in Ukraine 07/12/23

Vadim spent the winter hiding in a cellar in Bakhmut, where the deadliest battle of the war in Ukraine was waged. He developed severe frostbite in his legs, requiring amputations.

  • Ukraine

Souleymane wants children with disabilities like him to access education 07/06/23

Souleymane, who has a visual disability, is studying with adapted teaching materials supplied by Humanity & Inclusion. When he grows up, he dreams of becoming a teacher and making schools more inclusive.

  • Niger

After airstrike spinal injury, Fatima dreams of walking again 06/28/23

Fatima Ahmed Arj, 20, was paralyzed from the waist down after her family’s apartment in west Mosul was hit by an airstrike in March 2017, causing damage to her spine.

  • Iraq

Yacouba overcomes the effects of malnutrition with stimulation therapy 06/27/23

Due to malnutrition, 2-year-old Yacouba had lost the ability to walk. Humanity & Inclusion's stimulation therapy sessions have made him more independent, much to the delight of his whole family.

  • Niger

Living with autism, Milan receives at-home education support 06/26/23

Milan, 12, has autism. He lives with his family in southern Nepal. Thanks to Humanity & Inclusion's "Inclusive Futures" project, he is finally receiving the support he needs.

  • Nepal

In Niger, Roumanatou wants to become a role model for others 06/23/23

At 21, Roumanatou feels confident about the future. With support from Humanity & Inclusion, she is studying hard to become a strong, independent woman.

  • Niger

Shot seeking safety, Rohingya boy receives his first artificial limb 06/22/23

After being shot as he fled to Bangladesh, 12-year-old Rohingya refugee, Jubair, was hoping for just one thing: to play soccer on his own two feet.

  • Bangladesh
  • Myanmar

In Burkina Faso, Perpétue walks again with her artificial leg 06/21/23

In Burkina Faso, Perpétue has rediscovered the pleasures of going to school and walking with her friends, thanks to the artificial limb she received with Humanity & Inclusion's support.

  • Burkina Faso

The power of small drones in humanitarian demining 06/19/23

Humanity & Inclusion will attend the International Meeting of Mine Action National Directors and United Nations Advisers on June 22-23, 2023, in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Laos
  • Colombia
  • Senegal

Thanks to stimulation therapy, Mohamed is walking like a big boy! 06/15/23

Azima and her son, Mohamed, are participating in Humanity & Inclusion's stimulation therapy sessions in Safo, Niger. As a result of this support, the little boy can finally sit up and walk on his own.

  • Niger

Promoting inclusive sexual and reproductive health for young people 06/15/23

With the ENSEMBLE project and the support of the Togolese government, Humanity & Inclusion is implementing actions to promote sexual and reproductive health, particularly among women and young people.

  • Togo


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