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Gaza: Growing humanitarian needs 10/19/23

The attacks by Hamas and retaliation by Israel have a devastating impact on civilians. 1,400 people have lost their lives in Israel; more than 3,000 in Gaza.

  • Palestine

Unifying communities through cooking in Central African Republic 10/17/23

After a decade of conflict, mistrust is still prevalent in communities in the Central African Republic. To recreate safe spaces, Humanity & Inclusion has been reaching out to these communities to organize collective activities.

  • Central African Republic

Raqqa: River demining clears path for bridge reconstruction 10/16/23

Humanity & Inclusion's underwater mine clearance experts have cleared part of the Euphrates River, clearing the way for a bridge that is important for the economy of Raqqa to be rebuilt.

  • Syria

Two powerful earthquakes in four days: 12,000 people affected in Afghanistan 10/13/23

On October 7 and 11, two 6.3 magnitude earthquakes hit Afghanistan’s Herat province. Humanity & Inclusion has been working in the country since 1987 and is now working alongside its partners to help the survivors.

  • Afghanistan

Gaza, Israel: the unacceptable suffering of civilians 10/12/23

The recent attacks by Hamas and retaliation by Israel are having a devastating impact on civilians. At least 1,300 people have lost their lives in Israel, and 1,400 in Gaza. Humanity & Inclusion, present in Palestine since 1996, is preparing an emergency response.

  • Palestine

Morocco: At earthquake's epicenter, communities are healing together 10/03/23

Mohamed lives in Amizmiz, close to the epicenter of the earthquake that hit Morocco. He talks about how solidarity is helping to meet the challenges of this crisis.

  • Morocco

'Civilians will bear the brunt of cluster munitions for decades to come' 10/02/23

Following its decision in July to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions, the Biden Administration will send a second transfer of these weapons, which are banned by the Oslo Convention.

  • Ukraine

18 years after life-altering explosion, Kanha wants to help other people with disabilities 10/02/23

Kanha, who survived an explosive remnant of war as a child, lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Now a dressmaker, Humanity & Inclusion is helping her to resume her studies and become a specialist in orthopedic braces and artificial limbs.

  • Cambodia

Caregivers find balance in caring for child with a disability 09/27/23

Alawneh and Mohammed have three children. Their youngest, Ameer, has Down syndrome. They want him to live like any other child.

  • Jordan

After Syria bombing, Alia is her husband’s caregiver 09/26/23

Alia takes care of her husband, Mohammed, who uses a wheelchair. She tells us about her experience as a caregiver.

  • Jordan
  • Syria

Chad: HI cares for gunshot victims fleeing Sudan 09/22/23

400,000 people have crossed the border into Chad to escape the fighting in Sudan. Many people with gunshot wounds are in need of medical, surgical and rehabilitation care.

  • Chad

After mine incident, Abed takes his first step in five years 09/21/23

Abed lost both of his legs in a mine accident in 2018 in Syria. Access to Humanity & Inclusion's rehabilitation services has changed his life.

  • Syria

HI cleans up sulfur used to produce explosive devices 09/20/23

Near Raqqa, Syria, Humanity & Inclusion’s clearance team has cleaned up piles of sulfur, a chemical used to produce explosive devices.

  • Syria

Thanks to a more inclusive and accessible environment, Mario goes back to school 09/19/23

Mario Rui Monteiro is a young man from Mozambique. He used to be bullied at school. Through Humanity & inclusion's inclusive education actions, he has made friends and can pursue his dreams of becoming a lawyer.

  • Mozambique

After double amputation, Abderamane stands again with HI's support 09/18/23

Both of Abderamane’s legs were amputated after a wound became seriously infected. With the support of Humanity & Inclusion, and thanks to his own determination, he now has hope for the future.

  • Central African Republic


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