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Devastating floods hit the Philippines 02/15/24

At least 1.4 million people have been affected and more than 411,000 have been forced to flee due to massive flooding in several regions of Mindanao Island, in the south of the Philippines.

  • Philippines

In Ukraine, long-term health consequences of war surface 02/08/24

Two years after the invasion by Russia, Humanity & Inclusion is seeing an increase in the health needs of at-risk populations, particularly those living near the front line in the East of Ukraine.

  • Ukraine

Hygiene kits distributed to people with disabilities, acute needs in Ukraine 02/07/24

Caregivers, people with disabilities, and displaced people in Ukraine are receiving hygiene kits from Humanity & Inclusion's teams. These necessities are distributed daily to support those most affected by the war.

  • Ukraine

Farming village contaminated by mines in Ukraine 02/06/24

In Ukrainian villages cut off by the war, such as Velyka Komyshuvakha in the Kharkiv region, Humanity & Inclusion is raising awareness of the risks posed by explosive remnants of war.

  • Ukraine

After Syria earthquakes, Suzan continues to recover 02/01/24

Suzan’s life was turned upside down by the earthquakes that struck Syria and Turkey in February 2023. Humanity & Inclusion and its partners helped her get through.

  • Syria

One year after the earthquake, Sondus gets her life back 02/01/24

Sondus was 8 years old when earthquakes struck Syria and Turkey in February 2023. A traumatic experience for this little girl who was badly injured and lost a sister and her mother. Humanity & Inclusion and its partners have been supporting her.

  • Syria

After Syria earthquake, Rawan is walking again 01/31/24

After an earthquake hit northwest Syria in February 2023, 12-year-old Rawan remained trapped under rubble for 6 hours. Her legs were crushed.

  • Syria

HI clears a hidden bomb factory in Raqqa 01/31/24

A resident contacted HI about what appeared to be an abandoned bomb factory in his basement. We cleared the location of multiple explosive devices.

  • Syria

Colette, working for the inclusion of people with disabilities in Madagascar 01/30/24

Colette is 42 years old. At the age of 11, her right arm was amputated. Now, Colette teaches English and is committed to raising her students’ awareness of disability issues.

  • Madagascar

One year after Syria earthquake, healing continues 01/30/24

Survivors of the powerful earthquakes that hit Syria in February 2023 are still receiving rehabilitation and psychological support from Humanity & Inclusion's partners.

  • Syria

Medic supports deminers in Laos 01/29/24

Daovy has been a medic in Laos for 20 years. She tells us about her career and her experience with deminers and local residents.

  • Laos

"With the support of the inclusive farm project, I’m determined to succeed!" 01/26/24

Omo has been trained in farming techniques and business management by Humanity & Inclusion's inclusive farm project in Sierra Leone. As a result, her family's living conditions have improved.

  • Sierra Leone

Good news roundup: January 2024 01/25/24

Good news in January at HI: mental health in Ukraine, inclusive development in Niger and Burkina Faso, sexual & reproductive health in South Sudan and rehabilitation in Eastern Chad.

  • Ukraine
  • South Sudan
  • Burkina Faso
  • Niger
  • Chad

Fatoumata wants to continue school at all costs 01/24/24

Fatoumata is a 15-year-old girl who has a disability and currently lives in a refugee camp. Despite many obstacles, she wants to continue school.

  • Burkina Faso

Haiti: HI's ongoing response to cholera outbreak 01/22/24

Since the end of 2022, a cholera outbreak has been raging in Haiti. Humanity & Inclusion continues its preventive actions to support communities.

  • Haiti


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